my grandfather is so funny.  i told him i belonged to a health club and that i had been working out everyday.  he pretty much yelled at me in korean saying, “What the hell do you need a healthclub for when you live right behind a mountain?!? 

Everything you need in a workout is all up there!”  i love his old school mentality.  no, i really do admire it.  one day i hope to be just like him. 

the old people here are so strong and healthy for their age.  a halmoni passed me up on the mountain today while i was huffing and puffing and taking a break.  not to mention, they live longer than the those in america.  at least the one’s in my family do.  that’s one of the many reasons why i’m out here.  i look at my grandfather and my eldest uncle, who are both over 75.  both are as strong as an ox and could probably beat the shit out of me if they really wanted to.  i’m here to learn from the best on how to live a long and healthy life.

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  1. mountain climbin in the summer time? bug bites?!! hmmm~ maybe it’s a reason y u should exercise on that mountain…  u’d have to run all the way up and down so u wont get bit… then u’ll def loose some weight! haha~

  2. just for you… i will bring in a dope film crew and hire a dope post production guy and make you a dvd!
    Kollaboration REPRESENTIN’ the gyopos!

  3. If you haven’t heard it yet, I’m sure you’ll hear it from a lot of gyopos/KAs. Medical costs are nearly nothing here in Korea, especially if you can get yourself covered under the national health insurance system. MRIs are cheaper, surgeries, meds, just about everything is cheaper here including dentist visits.

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