i finally got my hair cut yesterday.  i don’t know how long i actually went without one but it was definitly sometime before i moved out here.  i wish i could have posted some pics up of what it looked like before i got it cut cause my shit was getting up there.  see, my hair looked pretty normal in the us.  but here in korea, the heat and extreme humidity adds another dimension to the way my hair curls.  i mean most of you guys remember my hair having a slight wave or being a little curly.  well out here, somehow the mixture of mousse and african hot humidity turned my head into a huge afro.  what started out looking like a clark kent swirl, ended up looking like a ben wallace mop on game day.  i was getting pretty fascinated by this phenomenon, so i wanted to see how big of a fro i could actually grow.  my uncle was getting pretty pissed at the way my hair was busting out so he made my cousin take me to a mi-young-shil to chop it off.  so sad…i’m just trying to think of what could have been.

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  1. ryc: it’s just a pic in the center of my page (a pic that i took) the background and the text is just white… hehe…

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