i don’t think i can describe to you guys how hot it is here.  i’ve never felt this kind of heat.  this is africa hot!  i’ve never been to africa but i’m willing to bet this is something like it.  from the moment i wake up, i’m in sweat.  as soon as i wash up, i’m sweating again.  i bring a hankerchief with me to work and that thing is drenched by the time i get there.  and don’t get me wrong.  i never really sweat much back in the states.  only when i work out.  i’ve seen other people back in la who sweat way more than i do.  and they just sweat under the normal sun.  my only advice to them is:  do not come here during the summer.  

there are little ways in which we deal with this.  some people like eat something spicy so that they sweat even more to cool them down.  others bring umbrellas to guard against the sun and not rain.  i figured out that ice cream will protect you from the heat for about 10 minutes, but of course, that can be taxing.  i’m finding that the best place to find refuge in this heat is to just simply hop on an empty bus.  the buses have the most refreshing air conditioners.  especially if they are empty, you can put yourself in positions where you have AC blasting onto every part of your body.  today, i just got on a bus after getting out of a stuffy subway station and decided to not get off where i usually get off.  instead i got myelf a seat and enjoyed the cold ac blasting on top of my head.  the buses go in one huge circle and i eventually recircled back to my stop.  i dont do this cause i’ve got a lot of time on my hands.  i do this because this is how i deal with this heat.  its frickin hot out here.


oh and does anyone wanna sponser me for graduate school?  i’ll make you proud.  i promise to get straight A’s.

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  1. it’s freakin hot here~ go outside for 10 min… and i’m already sticky and sweatin ~~ ewwwww!!!
    hope work’s goin well ! and has a great air conditioning system!! heehee~

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