I lost my last Chap-Stick from America today and I was about to go crazy.  It took me an hour to find another one because I found out they only sell them at the pharmacies. Not even good old 7-11 had them. 

Have you ever wondered about Chap-Stick?  I mean really just thought it through.  I started using chap-stick at a very young age.  I want to say middle school.  And if I remember correctly at that age, I was using it whenever I got dry lips. At first, I only got chapped lips in the winter.  And then it turned into whenever the seasons changed. Now it is everyday, if not every hour!  Now it seems like I need to apply Chap-Stick everyday IN ORDER TO NOT get chapped lips.  Do you see where I’m getting at?  

What once was before, the remedy for chapped lips, now seems like to reason for chapped lips.  It’s like that one Batman movie, where the Joker develops make-up for everyone and it makes them absolutely beautiful.  But the more they used it, the more addicted their faces got to it.  And it came to the point where if they did not use the make-up, their faces would start melting.  So ultimately, consumers were forced to buy the product.

The question now I bring forth to you is this:  Is Chap-Stick and other
chap-stick type companies adding addictive substances to their products
in order to get us to buy them all the time?  Let’s look back to the tobacco companies.  How about Coca-Cola when they first started out.  I can see the lawsuits pouring in now.  In this day and age where one person can sue McDonalds because their stupid ass burned their lips from the coffee, then I think I can get a few dollars out of this one. 

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  1. well if yo ass didn’t have knee grow ass lips, you wouldn’t have that problem kekekekeke
    however, i heard that brands like carmex have been known to make people addicted to their product after habitual usage of it.  then again, how the heck do i know???  Ask my brother paul, he’s the one that told me about it~~
    once again hiliarious HOMER!!

  2. hmmm…interesting.  I have no clue.  just know that they put something in it which isn’t good for the body.  according to this nautral place that were trying to sell the product to us this one time.  but in general i have no clue.  i don’t use it so i don’t know. 

  3. yea im addicted to chapstick too.  I heard it is true…the more u use the more u need it.  Havent u noticed the people that don’t use chapstick never need it it all?  BY far the best brand is burts beeswax!!!  get it!!!!

  4. yo i heard carmax is damn addicting too.  and how the hell you get chapped lips in korea????  so damn humid.  just go ask someone in the military to get a grip at the px or comisary

  5. use burt’s bees’ beeswax lip balm.  less waxier than chapstick and it tingles.  keeps those luscious lips ready for some action.  hahhaa.AND yes i wanna be lazy, but lazy with purpose.  hahah.

  6. good pt. ya made ~ might as well look @_@ .  chapstick sounds addicting… good thing i dont use it or i’d have smokes in one hand and chapstick in the other… gah!

  7. Listen up because I know what Im talking about.  Youre absolutely right about companies making products that are addictive in itself.  They also treat the symptom of the problem and not the source.  When your lips are dry, the problem isnt your lips. It has  everything to do with your health and diet.  So you better start cutting down on those chapsticks and start taking care of your health.  Stop eating late. It has to do with your stomach, intestines, colon etc…and they need time to digest before you go to sleep.  You notice you fel more tired in the morning when you eat late at night??   :)  Eat more salad and vegetables.  Take vitamin E, fish oil, borage oil supplements etc..      Its hard to tell how extreme your problem is but if it is affecting your life let me know and I’ll give you a personal tip.  :)

  8. Hey for some reason chapsticks been a hot topic today.  My buddy was in NYC couple weeks ago checkin out the schools.  He ran out of chapstick so he goes into a store and asks, “How much for some chapsticks?”  Store owner replies,  “7 bucks”.   haha

  9. hmm…never thought about that. but i guess it’s harder for me to figure it out cuz i don’t use chapstick as much. just every once in a while sometimes when i’m like…not in a girlie mood and have no makeup on. actually i found i like lip gloss better than chapstick. but that’s me. not sure exactly how much u’ll like lip gloss.

  10. my friggin dog is nutz. he’s so loud at night when i try to close my bedroom door. fatherhood ain’t as easy as it seems. I’ll still whoop yo arse in Halo. Bring it, baby.

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