I made sure to bring towels with me from America.  These are just your ordinary towels you use to dry yourself when you get out of the shower.  This is not so ordinary here in Korea.  Here they give you these tiny hand towels where you are supposed to completely dry your whole hair and body with.  I guess you can efficiently use up one of these towels to dry yourself and then toss it into the hamper.  I mean, they are fine but it¡¯s still missing something.  I¡¯m not sure what it is. 


I had to find out why this was the case.  ¡°You Americans like bigger things.  Bigger house, bigger bathrooms and bigger cars¡± says Mr. Kim, 44 year old office manager.  ¡°Texas cowboy like big food and big womens too.¡± 


Ewww, big women?¡¦.no we don¡¯t!  Maybe it¡¯s true about the houses, but who doesn¡¯t want a big house?  It could very well be the case Americans could try to be more efficient.  But who cares?  I¡¯m still going to use my big towels.  After drying myself, I like to wrap a big towel around my waist and check out my body in the mirror.  Pecks definitely there¡¦the 6-pack¡¦It¡¯s almost there.  I also like to wrap myself in a big towel¡¦in the winter time, especially¡¦the drastic change in temperature, you need something warm to cover you. 


So anyway, I usually shower at the gym, but lately I¡¯ve been taking additional showers at home cause of this blasted heat.  Like I said, I brought some towels from the States, but only like 4.  I throw them in the corner as I usually do when I want my clothes to be washed.  My aunt then picks them up while I¡¯m at work and washes them.  Isn¡¯t she sweet?  The only thing is¡¦the towels weren¡¯t coming back to me like my shirts and boxers.  I look around the laundry area and they are not there.  I look around the house and no ones home.  I go into my aunt and uncles bedroom and I find my towels being used as interior decoration!  2 of my towels were being used as pillow covers.  1 for my aunt.  1 for my uncle.  I can¡¯t see how this can be comfortable.  But the again, my aunt and uncle are so old.  They do a lot of things that don¡¯t look comfortable.  These weren¡¯t pillow covers.  These are nothing special¡¦just bigger towels.   I look around the room and I find another one is being used for my aunt¡¯s make-up counter.  She placed a towel on top of the glass counter and she¡¯s got all this stuff on it.  I don¡¯t even know what it is.  Its just old woman make-up stuff and now my towel smells like old woman perfume. The last one I don¡¯t know.  I have no clue where this 4th towel went.  In fact, I don¡¯t think I want to know.  Nor do I want to ask where it is.  In fact, I¡¯m not even going to mention this whole towel thing to them.  They seem to be enjoying the towels more than I do and plus¡¦I¡¯m not sure if you can even get that old person smell out of them anymore.  I¡¯ll just settle with the little hand towels, fine.  There¡¯s a lot I¡¯m still getting used to in Korea.  This is just a little teeny-weeny thing I think I can handle.  When in Rome¡¦well you know how it goes.

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  1. your “insights” and observations of our peoples actually have me chuckle out loud… =) why are you so funny? why??

  2. HAHAHHAHHAHAA…so good.  my brother handed me a hand towel when i first got here..i was like…i can’t dry myself with this dinky thing. ‘ Yes you can.’  ……..  

  3. yo i love big towels too but you can get more than once use out of a towel, just make sure you hang it up nicely and it’ll dry and be good to use again

  4. i hate using those small hand towels.  i always need 2 big towel.  one for my hair and one for my body.  that’s one thing i hated about going to korea.  those small things.  you start to apperciate things you have.  hehehehehe good one about the number thing on my site.  =) 

  5. you got to learn how to use the small towels….its a skill really..i’ll show you one day at the mokyoktangs here homer hyung, but only if you rub my back there

  6. Our cafe/restaurant with noraebang rooms upstairs is called Little Seoul..come visit if youre ever in hawaii =) Oh yeah we do have guys at the establishment (waiters) but they are wussy pretty boys..my ggangpae like stepdad is usually around to yell at customers that cause trouble or beat thier ass if he has to, but hes been at home doing renovations on our house.

  7. I actually had a hard time transitioning back the other way.  I was in Korea for three years and I enjoyed the small towels but I’ve been back now for almost 3 years and I’m starting to use the big towels.  You’ll get used to it.

  8. lol, we are working on kollab vi, which is our standard talent show.  the last show in july was an all star concert, performers were past performers that are now local celebrities to celebrate five years of kollab… get it?  with each passing year, we get bigger, better and stronger!

  9. hahahhaa, thats a great entry!!! i on the otherhand am used to using tiny towels it took me a while to get used to the big oversized AMERICAN towels… its sometimes just too much towel, haha

  10. So you had fun with Doug?  I see you met a friend of mine and doug’s out there too?  Maybe she can hook you up with some of her friends.  Actually, did you meet my cousin?

  11. wow that worm is so long… eww….. anyway.. yea the towels in korea are small and thin.. i guess so they’ll air dry faster… who know… where have i been?? in l.a. of course.. u silly!  =P

  12. kali and i were falling off our chair…hold on…we’re not sitting on chairs cuz in korea you sit on floors…ok…we were rolling around laughing at your entry.  you so fanny!

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