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  1. hahhaa, ahh so u replaced smoking with xanga? hmm, i’m sure its healthier for ur lungs but i dont know about the rest of u, 20 days in philly with the fam, now back to LA to WORK! = (

  2. congrats on your 94 days of xanga and even more congrats to your no smoking for 96 days.. and THANK YOU for the few comments you leave on my page.. haha. im not even sure who this is and how you found my page but i do appreciate it and GOD bless you and to all who has been donating toward katrina victims… its nice to know that people take time to respond regarding blogs about that and i just wanted to say hi and thank you. sadly on my myspace bulletin, not too many people responded but with the few that did… it was heart warming i guess.. and i was about to update my xanga and came across your comment… and just smiled… i take it that your in korea??…. in any case, thanks for leaving the comment and hope to hear from you again …

  3. sorry for the late reply… i JUST noticed you left a reply back and wish i knew earlier so i couldve updated you… but joe… he would probably say he was wrong?…. and i guess perhaps you might be too… =
    i dont know if that makes any sense.. but yeah… i guess for one day he did blow me up on his page….and i wish i can take the compliments you left as well… but sadly… we dont even really talk…
    but thank you so much for leaving replies and comments and i havent updated my xanga for some time now but really want to and maybe ill hear from you again… i hope all is well with you and take care… maybe one day i’ll even get to meet you one way or another  haha. but youve been sweet to reply to my blogs.. =)
    i gotta get back to work but have a good day and take care!..

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