It was as if she had been waiting her entire life to say this to me.  Yet I had only known her for 2 days. 


¡°You are not a Gyopo!  We are Gyopos!  It is our people who have struggled.  You fat-bellied Yankees can go wherever you want freely.  Our beloved people have been cursed.  We had to flee for freedom during the occupation.  We could not return because of the war.  And now, during a time of peace, we cannot come back to Korea because we live so poor.  My great grandfather stood up to the Japanese and was executed for doing so.  Where is the justice?  Do you like your food?  I spit in your bowl!¡±


She is quite a woman.  I think I¡¯m in love. 

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  1. well… I hope everything works out well..i’m still lonely… here in btown…it seems like I haven’t talked to u for the LONGEST TIME…i’ll talk to you later when I’m not fucked up… or whne I’k not bz… HAFVE A AGREAT DAY~!!!

  2. i agree with herwow awesome but it is not the yanks that abandoned her and the chosonjokit’s the koreans in korea.did you know the korean government classifies korean chinese as “aliens”?even though a lot of them were exiled there for being patriotic, etc.hope your love works out man. yanbian is a cool place.

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