*As I’m going into the bathroom to take a shower*

Aunt:  Leave the toilet seat up in the bathroom!

Me:   Huh???

Me again:  Uhm…auntie, why do you want me to leave the toilet seat up?

Aunt:  If you don’t leave it up, then water from the shower will get the seat all wet…

Oh hahaha, that’s right.  Korean’s refuse to use shower curtains!

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  1. One good thing about Korean bathrooms is the drain on the floor so you can just pick everything off the floor and give it a good blast from the shower and sanitize it all, don’t have to worry about missing the mark at night, cause you can just spray it down later.

  2. Hey Ace, which mogyoktangs do you recommend in K-town? I need to dae mirro. Anyone wanna go in on a 20 pack of the watermellon scrubbies with me?

  3. Yea, i remember that that. I also hate how in korea since they don’t like shower curtains, you have to wear those crappy plastic slippers after your shower in the bathroom.

  4. you kno what??i know what you’re saying, it is frikking stupid as hellto get into unnecessary arguments with our own race…. but, what can you do? I kno ppl grow differently even if they’re from the same city, same neighborhood… you can’t help being differentfrom one another. Especially Korean Americans who were raised here, and Korean intenrational students who were raised in korea, they’re most definitelydifferent; their mindset, their culture, their attitude, their explicit/implicit stereotypes/prejudices… It is very difficult for both groups of ppl to understand each other, and it is hard to accept people from different cultures and different “world”and… I wish both fobs and bananas will realize that it is very stupid and waste of a GREAT timeto argue over something stupid. All people need to do is, just to be patient, and accepting our differences and try to understand…. last but not least, apologize.but… I guess all of us cannot do that, it’s in our blood or something…it’s stupid….

  5. dude i was reading your comments and see that your friend eugenius is still using the pic of my nephew jae min! i told him to take it off on friendster like 2 yrs ago..wtf! so he decides to use it on xanga??

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