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  1. Im going for the Goth look too:) You should be able to subscribe on the very bottom If I knew I actually had people who read my blog I might actually write more ~~

  2. lol, i figured it was only gonna be a matter of time before you regret not letting me throw you a going away party!  dude, turning down free pr services, not something that is easy to get over huh?  anyway, hope all is well… thank goodness for xanga, i would have no way to know what the heck you were up to otherwise.  miss you!.. even with the smelly feet and wrinkled clothes. =P

  3. Hard to believe,but you can tell that it’s the same person… by the size of th eyes and the lil bags under the eyes…. OMG  What Wonders!

  4. thanks! yea, i actually been eating plenty, heard it will help prevent the bird flu.. it just doesn’t sound so pleasent anymore when you go to restaurants and they say “lactic acid bacteria kimchi” and call it delicious haha.

  5. She doesn’t look hot in either pic. The pictures do look like they show the same person. Just imagine the right hand pic girl with eye make up around her eyes and different lighting. Bam. You have the ugly chick on the left.

  6. thanks bro, they both still fugly tho, just the one on the right is naturally fugly, and the left is artificially or synthetically fugly costing more money, what about the boobs?

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