its day 199.  i shouldn’t be counting the days but i am.  i’m going to find a way to celebrate tomorrow (we should all find ways to celebrate even the little things).   i try to imagine my life back then as an addict and its pretty scary.  was i really sucha slave to the cig back then?  i was, wasn’t i?  waking up, the first thing on my mind was to light up…after meals, it was my dessert only i didn’t have to leave room for it.  my philosophy was always the 3 states of matter matter:  every man deserves to endulge in good food, good drink and good smoke.  what a rotten way of thinking that was.



but am i fully recovered?  have i fully healed from the scars?  am i ready to go back home now?  i sound like i checked myself into the betty ford clinic.  even though its only been 6 months (vs 15 years), i really can’t imagine going back to the way i was.  it boggles me how i even got this far in korea, a country where most of the men here still smoke. its in my face  everyday, every hour.  knowing what i know now, i couldn’t. because it is through my newfound faith in God that empowers me now.  He has answered my prayers and that is what rejuvenates me.  through Him all things are possible.  i don’t know why i neglected You before.  i know You’re listnin’

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  1. Hey I noticed that you subscribed to my page? Do I know you from somewhere? I noticed you have Jenny Shin on your list, do you know her? She’s a good friend of mine. Thanks for stopping by, wish I was in Korea!!

  2. from your post it sounds like your needing some praise for quiting the nasty habit… so here you go: … a pat on the back
    now, about new year’s… hop on a plane and make it out here!  impromptu trip are always the best =P

  3. dude thnx for ur post on my page i appreciate it.and i am honestly happy for you that you’ve quit smoking.I’ve lost two friends to cancer and i’ve recently been diagnosed as a throat cancer patient as well.So for those of us for whom its too late, keep up the good work man.Cheers.Godbless.

  4. Congrats on the big 200.  Thanks for your comment on my tokkis page.  Yeah maybe I should have but you know they’re so typical out here.  They don’t really get like that out in Korea — why does it have to be such a kyopo phenomenon? 

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