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  1. oh, my family is in real estate. they have a couple buildings in korea. btw, from your last entry: hats down to you… it’s difficult to quit smoking especially living in Korea.

  2. merry christmas to you, too… God must loves us sooooo much for us to even have christmas.. we should remember the reason why we have christmas.. God’s love for us.. the cross.. God bless you and He loves you oh soo very much!

  3. welcome to the club of non-smokers! my tips: recognize the grander things in life and breathe deeply…we’re addicted to nicotine, yes…but it’s out of your system…and deep breathing.
    rob…you’re awesome. and ha. because of you, i’ve taken down the whimpering part. thanks a lot. >:(
    is your cousin still there? say hello for me : )

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