i think in another life i could have been an olympic short-track speed skater.  too bad i only get one.  i went ice skating last night for the first time ever, but it felt like i had been doing it my entire life.  my butt is a little sore, but i still had a lot of fun with the church.  made me think of what could have been had i started skating much earlier as a kid.  made me think of what “beginner’s luck” is in the alchemist.  made me think of my childhood and another short-lived dream i had of being an olympic champion. 

i got my first and last archery set in the 4th grade.  tying a feather on my head and carrying a quiver i had made on my back, i was shooting targets left and right.  from afar i was nailing bulls-eyes and for a kid i was pretty accurate.  who knows what would have come about with a little bit of encouragement and olympic training.  also for a kid i was pretty responsible with my archery set.  i never did anything stupid.  i was never wreckless…only playing in my back yard and never ever pointed it at anyone. 

but that was from the standpoint of a little kid.  to my neighbors i could have hurt someone.  to them, i might have poked somebody’s eye out.  they called the cops and they came to my house confiscating my bow and arrow.  they didn’t even have the decency of leaving me the quiver i had made.  i could care less about that, but what they really did was confiscate my hope…my dreams.  right then and there, my dream to be a gold-medal winning olympian were shattered.  this is something that i wouldn’t want to wish upon even my greatest enemy. 

oh and on a side note:  koreans in archery and ice skating?  who would have thunk it?

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  1. You looked so graceful on the ice yesterday…!  If you had started skating earlier as a kid I think you could have become an amazing figure skater!   Last night you inspired me to skate better…..!!!!  Thanks so much Rob…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. no i dont need money for good company…esp if company is paying for dinner ..eheheheh =) how are youuuuuuuuuuuuuu. why dont u buy me dinner next time your in nY!! jk. and dude, koreans are FIERCE in archery.

  3. wow thats a lot of sports in one entry.  =P  hope ur new year’s starting out great, mine’s going okay considering the obstacles of living in a foreign country where people look at u funny if u smile at em for no reason.  vive la françe! 

  4. i’m in a rush and wasn’t going to read your entry until i saw the 14 comments.. you are a rockstar… and i can’t stand it!! i already started cleaning my room, but my parents are used to it~and anyways.. we’ll have plenty to fight about.

  5. Danny Bonaduce went into rehab and lost his job. Jamie is pregnant with snowboarder’s baby. She was engaged to him, then ended it. hehe I’ll keep you posted on other STAR 98.7 news.

  6. ryc: yes this place is temp and the lease is up in may… my friend and I will prob be looking for more of a perm place for may… why you have a place??? how long you planning on staying in korea?

  7. ryc: from like a month ago… i am not sure why you can’t get a trial subscription… never tried trial subs before… if you find out, let me know. btw, when you coming back to the states?

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