day 300

Not paying attention as usual.  I have A.D.D.

  • had a panic attack for a smoke the other day and there wasn’t even a lit cigarette around me. 


  • even though its fricken cold outside, this past week’s weather was quite beautiful.  spent thurs-fri on the beautiful island of nami for my company’s workshop. 


  • when spring comes along its only gonna last only about a week here in seoul.  then summer rolls along and the bloody heat and humidity just kill you.  i barely made it last summer.  i don’t know how i’m going to handle it this year. 


  • maybe if i just get a 3 month summer job back in beautiful la i can skip out on that heat and come back to seoul in the fall.  can anybody hook me up with one? 


  • my friend is hooking me up with his friend tomorrow night.  we’ll see how good of a friend he really is.

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