This was written several days in the New York Times after my post.  The author stole my idea.

South Koreans use futuristic technologies that are years away in the United States; companies like Microsoft and Motorola test products here before introducing them in the United States.

-New York Times, April 2, 2006

Cell phone users in this country are just starting to catch up with people in many European and Asian countries in using cell phones features such as text messaging, said Naomi Baron, a linguistics professor at American University.

-AP News, April 3, 2006


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  1. yada yada~ yes, korea is NUMBER 1…have you gone golfing there? it’s insane…i heard instead of caddies, you have robots! what good is technology when only a few elites get to enjoy it? life sux for the working class in han kook. sorry, for the long rant…have a great week!

  2. yeah…separation between upper and lower class here is probably HUMONGOUS. if people wnat to keep spending on a new phone every 12 wks, they can go right on ahead ^^ the investors in NEW YORK and AMERICA would love Korea for that.

  3. I’m not sure why America’s cell phones aren’t as good as those overseas. It’s always like that with electronics. The stuff abroad is better.

  4. technology these days.  crazy!  i wish we had better cell phones here. even though mine broke i try to get something nicer, but didn’t have much options to choose from.  oh well!  have a good one! 

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