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  1. ja jang is the shit!  i personally like the sam sun bok um.
    funny thing is koreans call “ja jang” a chinese dish when most chinese people don’t even eat it. 

  2. Happy Belated Birthday!!!
    20 inch rims on my car?!! i ain’t negro! hahaah… i was gonna get 19’s but too many potholes in hawaii..and i want my ride to be smoother. :)

  3. exactly. i didn’t say i sided with Japan. just pointing out the fact that Korea’s reaction seems a little severe; so nations that react in that same way should look in the mirror before pointing out other countries too (like the US). in fact, i HATE japan. ask Andrew. Japan is likened to the antichrist to me, and deserve nothing but death and destruction for their actions in World War II until they fess up and say “sorry.” but one point of contention: Japan’s military has been detoothed since WWII. Korea’s army would kick its ass, its navy would kick its ass, and its Air Force would kick its ass. if Korea still fears that Japan will saunter on over and lay claim to the peninsula, you guys got some weird delusional problems. =)

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