Day 327

They say when you quit one bad habit, you pick up another one.  I should have been more careful but unfortunately this next one crept up on me.  Now I’m caught up in a dilemma. 

My last cigarette was at LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal on May 31st, 2005.  Just as I entered the terminal, I took my last drag and entered into a new world free from cigarettes.  A pack a day for the last 15 years, I had tortured my lungs and I was about to torture them one last time by going through a period of withdrawal. 

But just as I had envisioned, because living in Korea would be so new to me, the distraction of seeing and learning new things has kept my mind off the smokes.  Even having most of this country’s people smoke in front of you didn’t really bother me. Actually its usually when I’m alone when I crave it the most.  Believe it or not, it was prayer that got me through those tough times.

So who would have thunk junk food would have been my replacement for cigarettes.  I tell you I was NEVER a junk food person.  I was always a meat and potatoes kinda guy who never saved room for dessert.  In America, you’d never find me munching on a Snickers bar.  Never would you find me buying a bag of chips at the gas station or sipping on a caramel machiatto at Starbucks. 

But here in Korea, I’ll tell you this.  We has some of the best damn confectionaries in the whole entire world.  The list is enough to go into a whole new entry, but we’ll save that for another day.  Here, hands down they have the tastiest snacks, the most creative adventurous cakes and the widest variety of single packaged ice cream bars.  There’s just no comparison.  I can’t help but to help myself to these delicious treats but everyday.  And after that you can’t just have one.  Blast you!  I’ve been cursed with this addictive personality.  Yet, treats like these are so innocent compared to the nastiness you find in cigarettes, right? Yet again, they do call it blissful sin, don’t they?  I’ll probably come back to the States heavier than I left there with.  That would be sad.  Especially when Korean food overall is better for you in the first place.  Or what if i stop sweets only to find myselft smoking crack now?  Going from Home Run balls to hitting smack?  Maybe smoking again wouldn’t be such a bad idea.  Oh boy…now I’m rationalizing. 

Immediately after this post, I will check myself into a treatment center for the next 30 days to once and for all break the hold that this highly addictive sweet tooth has on me. 

Actually check that…after another slice of this sweet delicious sweet potato pie. 


22 thoughts on “Day 327

  1. damn i gave up cigs (willingly) and sex (unwillingly).  food is my only addiction but i’d go for steak before i go for something sweet.  cold turkey my friend.   YOU CAN DO IT!

  2. i have a weak spot for pojangmacha foods ~ i’d rather eat those than smoke cigs ne day… i rationalize by telling myself that since i can’t get to those foods i smoke instead…

  3. lol Rob!  “So who would have thunk”!!  thunk….!? You’ve been in Korea for too long…
    I’m also with you on junk food too!  Let’s go for ice cream sometime!
    Oh and pics from last Sat to come!

  4. i’m with you on this one… i never used to snack in the states, and now i suffer from snack attacks on hour.
    i need to get me away from digets. i love that stuff.

  5. Whatever you do, just dont smoke =) Thats crazy will power if its been a year and a lot of effort to throw away.
    Yeah, sucks that junk food wouldnt taste so good if it wasnt bad for you. Look on the bright side, atleast you arent eating junk food and smoking (crack, tobacco, or whatever)

  6. lol welcome to my world… with the sweets… i think i’ve ALWAYS had a sweet tooth.. like.. it’s ridiculious… i’d rather have some brownies/cake/ice cream over meals… *shaking head*
    but rob.. you’ve been so kind to me while i was at jsem… i remember the first time i met you was in new comers group… lol.. but then God told me to stop going to jsem.. little did i know that it was a little test and that God would bring me back…
    but i also remember after house church when we were in the car with ron how i was going all crazy with my tangents.. and about how i wasn’t sure if i was suppose to go back to school… and here i am… registered and leaving on saturday…
    i’ll miss you too rob.. thanks for always being the warm face to greet me when i walked through jsem… i could always count on you to brighten my day… thanks brotha *wink*
    we’ll keep in touch through janga!!!

  7. thanks for the comment. no, i totally understand and agree. i mean, i realize that people didn’t know all the right information at the time, and that there were choices that had to be made, many times under duress, and i get that. and i do have sympathy for the people there. it’s just, i wish people were more wary. it’s dangerous to make enemies with the US, and to be blind to what actually goes on up there. that’s all. i just wish people were more careful. you still have to be wary. looking at the situation with japan, i mean… you know… everyone knows… they’re being bold because they feel like the US isn’t backing us like they have in the past. i’m just… a little nervous. haha… thanks for the comment though. appreicate the read.

  8. I second alpha11’s comment.
    Yes, yes, Korean snacks ture are “adventurous”. It makes me happy to put a word that describes the sweetness from the depts of the ice box, to every hole in the wall.
    Thank you Rob.
    btw. I’m still chill’n in Georgia.

  9. dude that’s funny.
    i totally thought the profile pic was a thong too. freak. haha.
    i hear most people who come out of AA become smokers.
    quit one bad habit and adopt another…quitting junk food, that’s a hard one.

  10. if eating all that junk food is the trade-off for quitting smoking… i’d rather not. =) good luck to you!

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