Happy Hyun Choong-Ihl

I’ve lived in Korea for just over a year now and already I’m starting to sound like I’ve lived here my entire life… 

Don’t duck for cover when you hear the sirens going off tomorrow morning.  That’s just a cue to face the war memorial in Dongjak for a moment of silence.  If your sleeping…get out of bed.  It’s just for a measly 60 seconds.  If you are driving…pull over to think for a minute…

Statue under the war memorial

…about those who had fallen for the freedom you and I both have today. Think about it…if not for them you and I would never have even known the life we have now in the States.  Rather than choosing between filet mignon or prime rib at a steakhouse for dinner, you’d be thinking how good bark juice would be whether its boiled or gnawed right off the tree.             



11 thoughts on “Happy Hyun Choong-Ihl

  1. rob. you so funny. i just saw the pics of your place in la at the bottom of ur xanga … dang, bro.it’s NICE.hehe. hope you doing well. i miss ur curly hair.kip

  2. sigh…  you make me miss korea.
    sad when i think i might not be going back…
    it’s funny how i have a love/hate relationship with the country.  when i’m there, i miss home.

  3. Ha, I remember the first time I heard the air raid sirens go off.  I was about  ready to jump into the bank I was walking past when my parents looked at me like I was retarded.  I learned then to distrust the Korean government’s warnings.

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