kollaboration chicago style

so i went to kollaboration chicago on saturday night.  www.chikollaboration.org


i didn’t even know chicago had one until some random guy posted about it on my xanga.  first i thought, here’s something i’ll never go to again. but then a minute later, i thought, wait a second…maybe this might be a good for something i could take my cousin to.  i haven’t spent too much time with him lately, so this might actually be some good bonding time.  i remember the first time i went to kollaboration a long time ago when it first started out back in la…it just sucked.  the show was so raw, a lot of stage silence and overall, it was just really unorganized. 

the show i went to the other night was the exact opposite.  it was awesome!  they got it down to a science.  i guess after a few years of doing it, you really find ways to smooth things out.  sure, there were still some technical difficulties, but pk, the mc really knows how to run the show.  not only was he hilarious, but i really like the messages he was trying to get through to people.  my favortite one was…

asian men are sexy! 

now, i know that’s already obvious to most people out there, but in greater chicago area…it really isn’t!  i still see a lot of koreans out here who are still not comfortable with who they are.  i know, cause i used to be one! but in no way is it any of their fault.  its the whole gentrification of this city that separates us all.  that is why kollaboration is such a great thing for koreans growing up in the city of chicago.  it provides an avenue for koreans who are normally suppressed in their white suburbian bubble lives, to spread their wings and show the world what a little bit of kimchi in their diets can do. all i can say is that after seeing all the talent that night, i left that theatre with an easier feeling that is more hopeful for the future of koreans.  not only here, but across all of middle-america where koreans might be peeping out of the wood works.  i am so proud of everyone who participated.


oh and congratulations to joshua…kipum’s little brother, who won the whole damn thing!  it was such as surprise to see him on stage like that.  that song was awesome.  i especially love how he sang part of it in korean.  now that was the awesome!


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  1. im glad you FINALLY decided to check it out… glad you liked the show and you should really talk to peter and think about getting involved =)  ..tell him, rose sentcha

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