A loner implies they are not a part of any group…


there needs to be some pastors, reverends and other leaders of the korean community, KSA, whatever…to stand up and publicly speak out and immediately condemn what happened and disassociate us from this crazed lunatic.

– living in the middle of america, we should. it is just so easy for people to blame.  as much as it makes sense logically that you shouldn’t associate him with us…there will be many who still will.  and just as it only takes 1 person to kill 33 people, it takes 1 person to retaliate. 


11 thoughts on “A loner implies they are not a part of any group…

  1. Do we need to?  I mean, it’s not like he went about trying to represent Koreans when he did this, contrast that to the Muslim terrorists claiming to speak for Islam.
    Still frustrating as all heck, though.

  2. Yeah…  You’re right.  I mean, it is the same reason that I made my facebook group.
    “Don’t associate me with that idiot!”
    So, you’re right.  True.  Maybe a bunch of Korean pastors should circle around and do a prayer circle at VA.Or would that be tacky?  Either way…  Something…

  3. sigh…i am a s.korean with permanent resident alien status. that fact alone, even though i’ve lived for more than 2/3rd of my life in US and plan to live in the future will associate me with that gunman.i don’t fear the people. i fear the fear.

  4. disaccosiate us please. PLEASE.
    man, if this Kim Jong Il and nuclear war stuff isnt bad enough already… geeeeeez man.
    Associate us with Pinkberry, Kim chi spaghetti, and Harisu.

  5. Geez…. i just blogged about this too! thank Goodness I dont sound like I’m overly sensitive.
    I just didn’t understand why they keep on pointing out that he is South Korean in headlines.. like that is motive to why he killed a bunch of people… UGH… furstrating.

  6. This is just absolutely devestating! I hope the world doesn’t blame us as a group.  If we all look back within history such as the Columbine and other school related shootings, it was always a lonely, depressed kid. The question is, how do we know when to weed out these types of people from hurting anymore innocent people?

  7. it’s unfortunate, but true – there will be prejudice amongst the less educated and cultured, who probably can’t distinguish the difference between north koreans to the south or the taliban to arabs.  but my coworkers gave me comforting words, who were all caucasian, that what this individual did is not a reflection of my race or community. i hope many have their sensibility.

  8. i can’t agree the kid was a psycho… i think he was super desperate and his history of emotional instability should have been a red flag for more people to take notice.  we all joke about the guy we think has “going-postal” potential and we do nothing.  there are so many misguided youth in our communities… maybe this was God’s plan to help people like you and me wake up and realize standing idle does more harm than good… no?

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