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  1. hey Robi understand where you’re getting at…the ironic thing is, you know we have discussed how the small contingent of 30,000 American soldiers stationed in Korea sometimes feels threatened and hated, even though the bad joojoo is usually done by only a minute bunch of bad apples? that’s exactly how you described it in your xanga comment. when one soldier does a horrible wrong, the whole but tiny soldier community feels the consequence and hatred. except of course, to a much smaller scale that cannot compare to this terrible loss.

  2. let me finish. that’s still not the point of my message. my point is, now is not the time for that. now is the time to grieve and pray together. we cannot be like Job’s friends who come to him pretending to love him but end up indirectly pointing fingers at him instead for wrongs he has never yet committed.

  3. Just be a little happier in public and say hello with a nice big smile to everyone you come across. Dont worry, they arent thinking that you are a psycho and that they should be careful because they might set you off to go on a shooting spree.

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