Double Dipping

so i checked out this new bible study that meets up in the city.  its a small group that gets together during the week from my cousins korean church out in the burbs.  it was a good group but a little too big for me to consider it a small group.  i would like mine to be smaller and more intimate.  although, i may go back cause they go all out with the food and make a reaaly good guacamole dip.

speaking of that dip…it was so good.  like some sort of mexican bean dip with avacado, cheese and sour cream.  anyway, so i take my chip and i dip it into the dip.  took a bite, Mmmm…and then tried to dip it into the dip again.

“Ah ah ah ah ahhhhh!!!”, says one of the guys. 

He was like reaching over the counter to stop me.  I had no idea what was going on.

“what do you think you’re doing?  NO DOUBLE DIPPING!”

Uhhh…what?? He was serious too.  I was partly surprised, partly embarassed, but most of all….pretty abhored that he would make a huge scene about it. i stood there with my mouth open.

outloud i apologized as i was the new guest…but deep down inside i was steaming through my ears. “Listen buddy, i know we just met and everything…but, if we were sitting at a korean restaurant right now, you’d have no qualms about me DIPPING in your fricken jigae.  And you’d be dipping right back!




7 thoughts on “Double Dipping

  1. I do this all the time when I eat with my friends and vice versa. But I guess I would be cautious about doing it with people I just met because there are people that are very against it (as you experienced).  

  2. HAHAHHAHAA i hate double dipping…i usually break my chip in half then dip one at a time.  i know…i’m a genius! hahaha jk………but what u say about jjigae is so true!  But then again you dont really sit around with random people and eat jjigae…jjigae is usually shared with your family or close friends.  Even so…sometimes we like to use the bowls and not eat directly out of the pot.
    And yes…that guy should NOT have made a big big scene.  BOO to him!

  3. haha…did u ever watch seinfeld??
    but with korean food being healthier…it can be depending on how u cook…if u use lots of dashi and eat alot of the prepared stuff…it’s the same as american food and of course, u can’t forget ramen

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