i have to get used to this weather in korea.  its embarrassing.  i sweat way more than the average korean male here.  i walk outside and i start sweating.  i climb the mountain every morning and it just pours.  by the time i get to the top, my t-shirt is just drenched.  what’s even more weird is that all the people who climb this same mountain do not even shed a drop.  is it me?  or do i just have to get a little more used to this?

mousse isnt’ working here for me like it does in the states.  i’m going to have to find something a lot stronger to hold up my hair.  tomorrow, i’ll buy a bottle of extra hold mousse or maybe even some gel.  i never liked the way gel made my hair look, but its a lot better than the fro i have now due to this humidity. 

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