Whoever coined the phrase, It’s all downhill from here, must be nuts!  In fact, I’m willing to bet that very same guy never even climbed up a hill.  I found out the hard way today that its tougher to go downhill than up.  Sure its hard work climbing up there.  Grind it out, take a few breaks here and there but finally you make it.  Some people make it up there really fast and some of us take our time.  Once we get to the top, you get a sense of euphoria.  I did it!  Everythings a joy!  What I found to be true is that the hard part then is keeping your control on the way down.  I slipped on some loose rock and slid downhill for about 10 meters.  Luckily I fell on my fat ass so that cushioned most of the impact.  I survived with a few scratches, but it could have been worse. 

I guess life is somewhat similar.  Once we get to the top of where we want to go, the battles to keep it or maintain it are probably harder than the journey of getting there.  Whether its money, power or something more spiritual, there will be many evils on the pathway down waiting to take it all away from you. 

Or maybe it could mean that once we are at the top, we are able to speed down really fast.  The drawback to going really fast is that we may forget some things or ones on the way back down.  I think I’ve had my share of falling in that camp.  After acheiving money or power, I often forget about the ones who’ve helped me along the way. 

I dont’ know.  I’m not that smart.  I’ve only just found out today that it’s harder to come down than to go up a mountain.  

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