First it was Sung Hee Lee.  Then it was Lee Hyori.  Now its all about Han Chae Young.  The new desktop girl of my dreams.  Isn’t she great?

Actually I just put this picture up to spice up the website.  I know its boring having no pictures, but I’ll put some up soon.  I jsut got a new digital camera phone, but the thing is, I have no idea on how to use it yet.  All the directions are in Korean, so I’m slowly reading and understanding it with the use of my handy dictionary. 

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  1. wow.. i can’t wait until rob becomes fluent in korean
    and meets a purty korean fob girl
    but i don’t think that girl is pretty…….well she’s cute….—–s(he falls in under the cute catagory unlike hyori and sungheelee)
    but she’s not as hot as hyori——
    or peachy ^__^ don’t you agree?

  2. ope very hot robert VERY hot lol jpjp havin fun in korea? lol well make sure you bring me bak boxers from there haha o man i like the boxers wierd taking about boers ok by lol

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