i think i feel how a mexican back home would feel.  i’m not a citizen.  i have survival language skills (although getting much better), i have no drivers license and to add…i have no health insurance. 

no drivers license, i can handle.  it takes me back to the good old new york days when i was busing and subing it the entire time.  but health insurance is something i don’t think i can do without.  just this past weekend i got hit really hard in the chest playing basketball.  the thing is….that it still hurts 5 days later.  probably even more so now.  i should probably go check it out.  it doesn’t hurt until i hold down on it or breathe really hard.  in fact, i’ve been working out all week with it, including my morning hikes.

i have a problem with going to the hospital.  i don’t know what it is.  in high school, i was clipped from behind in a football game.  i had no idea i was hurt.  in fact, i managed to finish the entire game without knowing.  it wasn’t until the next day i realized something was wrong.  that was until i was in pain and started pissing out blood.  no really…i was pissing blood.  according to the doctors, i had a contusion, where my liver was internally bleeding.  sounds sick huh?  it was!

also a couple years ago, i did something dumb, but quite chivalrous.  i socked a guy in the face for disrespecting a lady.  i got him pretty good, but it was one of those punches where i it looked good, but it hurt my hand more than it did him.  again, i had no idea anything was wrong with me.  this time i went a week thinking my hand was just bruised.  it wasn’t until someone forced me to go to the hospital to get it checked out.  sure enough after the x-rays, i broke my hand. 

am i just a beast of burden?  how is it i have no clue that i’m hurt.  i guess i just endure more.  in this case, i don’t think its a good thing.  i think i’ll wait a couple more days to see if i’m ok.  if not, then i will force myself this time to see a doctor.

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  1. That rocks man. I almost did that last night, but the old dude was just fooling around.Do you already have an American driver’s license? If you so, and if you have your Korean “visa” you can get you Korean license in two hours.You should really find out about getting some insurance if you plan on staying even a few months man. The co-pays if any are stinking cheap.

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