i love giving up my seat to old people in the subways.  as soon as i see a grey haired person coming in, i’m the first one to get up and say, “yoh-gi ahn-juh-sae yo”.  there are definitly those who are borderline.  how does one determine who is old enough to deserve a seat?  i’m sure there are those who’d get pissed if you mistake them for being old.  and there has got to be even those who are old but who’d still get pissed cause you they feel they are still strong enough to stand on their own.  haven’t run into those people yet, but at the rate i’m going, i’m sure its bound to happen. 

i don’t know what it is about me.  i don’t think i can recall ever doing that even on a new york subways.  is it the pay-it-forward mentality? is it cause i’m just sick in the head?   maybe it has something to do with me being a foreigner here and that i’m trying too hard to assimilate.  or maybe its cause i feel like i owe something to these people for being away from the motherland for so long.  i don’t know but i can’t quite put my finger on it. 

my grandfather said to me last week, “in-jeh, ji-shik-uhn joh-gook-eh bohng-sah-ruhr heh-yuh-dae”  kinda hard for me to translate in english but i think it means that, now that i’m here in korea, i have an obligation to take what i’ve learned in america and bring it here or teach the people here or something along those lines. i’m still trying to figure that one out.  i don’t know what it means. but i do know this.  it is so much fun to say things in korean rather than it is in english!  even when i’m talking to my gyopo friends, i love stressing things in korean. there’s so much colour in the words you use. or maybe its cause i’m still learning the language and its fun.  anyway, i’d like to think it was the other reason.   

wait a second here.  can i no longer upload pictures on my xanga?  was that part of the premium xanga package?  they want me to put up a link rather than the old “browse computer” and upload button.   help!

OH and its been a month since i quit smoking.  not a drag!  i shouldn’t count, should i.

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  1. the first month is the worst!  but now that u are on the second month…it should be smooth sailing from now on~  good luck my fob friend!!! 

  2. goodness!  you look like someone i go to church with!  sometimes i feel like koreans could learn a little etiquettebut then north americans could learn some respect from koreans as well…ahhh. the beauty of the best of two cultures…

  3. hey brotha!  glad to know that ur adjusting quite well……keep it real and learn lots.  oh yeah!  one more thing!  really proud that you’re keeping up with NOT smoking…..miss you roberto!

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