i took my first step towards “ajushi”-dom today.  i was sitting and relaxing in the “moh-gyohk-tahng” when a kid (musta been 6 or 7 years old) runs and jumps in the tub.  in an unusually sterner than normal voice, i said, “OH-HO! yoh-gih-suh deeh-myon ahn-dweh!”  the boy looked at me; dumbfounded he ran out of the tub and went back into the locker room. 

i don’t know what came over me.  i normally wouldn’t have said anything knowing that it really didn’t hurt me in any way.  it just came out naturally.  and the boy…he was so shocked, i couldn’t tell if he was surprised because i may have said it with an accent or if he just found what i said totally out of the ordinary that he ran away scared.  i don’t think its a cultural thing cause i’ve heard ajushi’s say this to little kids in the past.  i guess i should take that moment and embrace it as a part of growing up.  i must be at the next stage of my life.  i must now be…<gasp>…an ajushi.

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  1. hahaha…i’m imagining you right now speaking to that kid in your korean..hahah..and the look on that kids face…haha..so should i call you ajushi now instead of of hyung?

  2. hahhahahahhaha.  i dun think i had your contact info back in the day BUT if you were to come to NYC again, i promise to take you to a bbq even in the dead of winter.  *yak-sohk*

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