Oh front desk secretary¡¦.How I love thee!  I worship the very seat you sit in.  The very computer you play solitaire in.  The very smile you give me (and probably every other person) every morning as soon as I get out of the elevator in.


In Korea, it¡¯s all about the front desk lady. You can immediately pass judgement about a company’s reputation as soon as you see the front desk lady.  At any given company, they will hire and station the prettiest girl at the front of their offices simply to greet guests.  ¡°It¡¯s better for business that way¡± says Mr. Kim, 44 year old office manager (only revealing his surname).  ¡°We want our guests, especially prospective clients, to immediately think we have the best, we provide the best and that we are the best.¡±  


Before starting my job here, I was able to put this theory to the test. I had the opportunity to interview at several companies and view their facilities.  After walking through their offices, I was able to notice a pattern.  Pretty girls sat in the secretarial cubicles and then everyone else sat behind them in each department.  They would be posted at the start of every new department.  The reporting department had hotter secretaries than the HR department.  The finance department had a hotter secretary than the reporting department.  I guess the more important department you got to, the prettier secretaries you got.  But memories still lingered about that chick sitting at the front when I first came in.  No other girl beat that little chickity who sat at the front.  She was smoking!  This pattern seemed to be present at every office I interviewed.  But no departments¡¯ girl would ever beat out the front desk secretary in terms of looks.


Now granted, I realize my research has only been based upon a small pool of data points.  But just by one understanding the Korean culture itself, it is evidence enough to know this theory must be true. And if ¡°A¡± is true, then it would lead me to believe that ¡°B¡± is true:  the hotter the front desk lady is at any given company would mean the better the company it is to work for.  I didn’t make my choice of companies to work for using this criteria, but in hindsight I think I should have.  Gosh, I need to see the secretary at Samsung Electronics before I die.


oh front desk secretary, i think i love you.

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  1. Hey dude myname is Emily and just passed ur sight ehile looking!!! So u lived  in Seoul??? That is kewl!!!I lived in Ansung, Kyonggi-Do, Southkorea…hope I spelt that rite but I was adopted when I was 4 months oldso…but it is kewl coming across another asian!!

  2. such a superficial country.  No wonder they are not ahead and prospering as they should…they create and waste all this energy in such stupid unimportant ways.  Equal opportunities?  no such thing.  A girl…as long as shes pretty can get far in that country…who cares if shes dumb…she has to be pretty…but u know what?  No matter HOW pretty she is…even if shes smart…she can never be above the superior male race.  And it is sOOOO accepted by the women in that society…so i dont see any womens movement anytime soon.  Living here… as a female AND a feminist…going to korea and made me feel like i took 10 steps back into time about 30 years.  tsk tsk korea…can we get with the program?!!!  But then again…ignorance is bliss~

  3. that is a very unique observation!
    wow chicago, new york, la? that’s awesome.
    I’m hoping my move will be chicago, la, and new york for college.
    thanks for the comment!

  4. o my got.
    it’s my calling.
    i should be a samsung front desk secretary.
    haha hi oppa! get married soon so we can have another family reunion & i have a reason to fly over there!!

  5. hahhhaha front desk ladies are hot, but i prefer looking at them through the back…..if you know wha ti mean?? huh?? whos with me

  6. Hahaha, Rob you can land one.  But they sure are smokin’.  I sure miss going into different companies and checking out the secretaries. 

  7. Man, I miss Korea.  Just a thought passed just as I submitted my last comment.  For all of you that have seen these front desk secretaries, they are generally pretty young.  You figure they have a job span of maybe 5 years tops?  What do you think they do after?  Do you think they are looking to hook up with someone from work?  A Çü I know married one and they seem to be living happily ever after.  Just a thought. . .   Rob ¼ö°í ÇØ!  È­ÀÌÆÃ!

  8. sup rob…it was good seein you again! i had a good time..all ur friends that i met are cool too. lets do it again soon…i gotta get my ipod and camera from your man bag too

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