…I am a Korean-American…you are a Korean-Chinese.  I cannot and will not apologize for my people.  What else can I do to bridge the gap?

…You are from the land of Á¶¼±Á·’s…I am from the land of Àç¹Ì±³Æ÷’s.  I am sorry for I cannot love you…

…I will visit your homeland in ¿¬º¯ one day…I hope that you can visit mine in LA.

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  1. odelay amigo! haha…i hope life is going well in korea for you man. sorry i don’t update my xanga. it’s been 2 years since i’ve posted an entry. i only use this to check out friends postings once in a while. take care and catcha later.

  2. korean-chinese the ones I know are sort of scary mix. How are you in the motherland. Rosa was down here in nY. hey i need your boyz pat and the guys info. hit me up on aim

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