I need to move out of my place in Seocho-dong next month or so.  Anybody want to get a place together in Kang Buhk (that’s the north part of Seoul) let me know!  My office is in Chung-yang-yi (#1 line) and my school is at Yonsei (#2 line).  Somewhere around those areas would be nice?  Anyone?  anyone??

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  1. thanks for coming by my xanga!!…  wow! you live in korea?!…  and you go to yonsei?!.. really?!.. I went to yonsei when I was in korea… anyways have a good day~.

  2. why and how is peta a cult?  ur just saying that because of how the media makes you percieve it.  but yea…if u do have any legit backings to ur comment…pls do inform me.

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