Five Things I do weird (Tagged by anniepoo)

1. I don’t like chewing gum.

2. I am addicted to chapstick.  See Chapstick post

3. I always pray silently.

4. I usually take an antacid before I drink so that I don’t turn red and that my stomach can handle it.

5. I have curly hair, not because its natural or that its a perm, but because I have a habit of constantly combing my fingers through it. 

I tag jjanggooboi, heebeegeebees, violeteyez1004ginxtonicasimoh (I’m working on your thing next!)


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  1. borringgg! u aren’t weird! i can name 5 other people who do the same for each of those 5 things.. including me! except # 4.. i’m half white & don’t turn red! ha! and # 5… i do run my fingers through my hair, but to my dismay it won’t curl. how do u do that?? =P
    ryc: rob, u perv!

  2. Antacids prevent people from turning red? I’ve never heard that before. All I know is that if you take a B12 vitamin after drinking, you won’t get a hangover.

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