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I love how I eat Korean food every single day!  It’s like the good old days when i lived with the rents!  Now that Kimchi these days is getting a lot of buzz for its health benefits, it should be a good time to promote other Korean food. 

look at this beautiful chunk of ¼±Áö (boiled blood) found in your average ÇØÀå±¹.  its so tasty!  you should try it. o(^;^)v

and this soup is great for hangovers too!  i used to go for ¼³··ÅÁ after a night soj or at VR, but this stuff works 10 times better. 

its no wonder korea has a huge drinking culture.  they have so many great foods you can eat the next morning to cure hangovers.  i bet russia and ireland has good hangover food too.  i swear if the average white american knew about korean food and its benefits, the US would be just as drunk as we are every night.

rather than having eveyone pop pills like RU-21, Chaser and Sober-X  to stop hangovers, koreans should just market ÇØÀå±¹ as a safer alternative. 

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  1. Ewww that ¼±Áö looks so gross!!! it smells gross too!  i had a bad experience with that… I had that after a hangover and smelled the ¼±Áö I ended up throwing up more… nastay!

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