No…it could never happen to me.  It was one of those things that happened to other people…but not me!

I woke up yesterday morning with my right eye red and swelling half way shut.  That’s weird…I didn’t sleep in my contacts last night.  Oh well, it’s nothing a little visine can’t handle…or was it?  One, two drops and…ouch, that hurt…!!  It was as if there was a cut inside my eye or something because it really stung!  spider bite?  but in my eye?

That was it…I checked myself into the hospital to take advantage of this so-called great healthcare system Korea has to offer.  Doctor took a few examinations and the results were in right away…pink-eye!

Pink-eye?  Do people still get that?  Pink-eye was always something I heard about little kids getting from playing in over-crowded swimming pools back in the old days.  Apparently out in Korea, it’s as common as the common cold.  No more jjim-jil-bang for me for a while.

Well that’s it…I’m out for at least a week.  Stay away from me…I’m contagious!  I just remembered Pastor Dave having it not too long ago, so we are all vulnerable.  Plus I don’t want to see you guys anyway…haha. jp =P  I’m being forced to wear glasses and I don’t want you to see me in my glasses.  I’m a closet nerd.  Alls I’m missing from my nerd apparel is the masking tape wrapped around the bridge of my glasses.  But thats not too far off because I become super-clumsy in them and I’m bound to break them sooner or later. 

I don’t wear glasses all that often but when I do, I become super-nerd!  I lose my sense of depth perception and so I’ll start bumping into things.  My peripheral vision (not to mention, my sanity) gets messed up cause I always think I’m seeing double from the side.  I think that can easily lead to paranoia or schitzophrenia….oooh!  what was that?? ((>< )) (( ><))  And I always forget to clean them so if there is a smudge who knows if I’m looking at things properly. 

Oh blast you, pink-eye!  What I wouldn’t give for a good ¶§¹ÐÀÌ.


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  1. I believe they call it 아팔로 눈병. Life really sucks when you have pink eye. Doesn’t even hurt as much as just irritate you with it’s unwelcome presence.Dude, do you have a picture with Pastor Dave (I just call him David but I’ll follow your precedence, it’s your page afterall) inflicted with pink eye? Any picture of him is plain hilarious. I love that man, great brother, I should’ve seen him and Sam in action, but no time when I was in Korea.

  2. hey rob. everything that excited you was from the Bible and that was the Holy Spirit given as a deposit in you that enabled you to be excited. praise God, brudda! again, thanks for an awesome way to start the day.

  3. oh no!! you’ve got conjuctivitis!
    aint nothing wrong with nerdgear. it’ll protect you from that piercing cold wind that blows at your eyes at 2mph when you walk outside in Korea.
    i heard using tea bags help : ) weird, i know.

  4. oh, boi… i feel ur pain~~I get it time to time.. and it’s soooo frikking irritating…it’ll get better.. u can’t really do anything to make it feel betterother than putting ice on it until you can’t feel your eye any more…I’d still hang out with u, even when you have the pink eye…cuz i know you’d hang out with me, when i get it… hahauhhh… just let it be, don’t mess wit it…you’ll feel better soon…

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