Visit Korea 2006

That’s right people…THIS summer!  Not 2007, not 2008.  I wasn’t even telling you to come last summer or last YEAR for that matter.  This summer!  Why??



Does she ring a bell?


That’s right baby! You guessed it…the World Cup!  If you aren’t going to be in Germany this June, the second best place in the world will be none other than right here in Seoul, South Korea.  You gotta be here!  Now I don’t want to hear any excuses like its not going to be as good this year or that even plane tickets are too expensive.  Nonsense…you can STAY with me.  You can’t put a price on what happened here last time and you can’t put a price on what WILL happen this time around.  This year’s cup will be filled with even more excitement as our energy and spirits will be fueled by the previous World Cup and the 4 long years of bragging rights!

It’s really hard to explain what happened here that magical summer, only that it was freaking AWESOME!  Those memories were so sweet and savory, they still linger and will linger forever in the back of my head.  It was like a party with your closest 46 million friends every day!  Now I’ve heard some people try to explain what happened to others but its just not the same, so I can’t even dare to try.  The feelings just cannot be captured through the use of words or pictures…or even film.  You just had to be there.  It was more than just the pure excitement from winning games, but more feelings of pride and harmony which kept everyone together in unison and so forth. 

So rather than hearing it AGAIN from someone else, come out to Korea this year! 


Just try to imagine millions of screaming HAPPY people wearing red T-shirts flooding City Hall and storming the streets of Kangnam.  Painting a town red never meant the same when looking at it from a shade of Red Devil red.  It was symbolism at its best. 

People going nuts chanting “Dae Han Min Gook, chu-chu-chu-chu-chu”, other people leading charges and dancing in circles with their samul-norie instruments, random people gathering together, hugging each other and singing songs like it was something out of a Grateful Dead concert, strangers stopping strangers…just to shake their hands and congradulating one another, bars and restaurants giving out FREE food and drinks and fireworks going off in the background.  It even went so far as to people hijacking  buses and cars and stomping on the hoods of them. 

The owners of those very same cars popping their heads out the windows and joining in with them…they didn’t care.  It was World Cup Fever. 

These are just some of the things that happened during a 2 week vaction here.  Who knows what will happen when you come!

So let me remind you guys that the time is ticking.  Another chance of a lifetime to be seized.  Don’t let this opportunity slip by cause you’ll regret it if you do.  Buy your tickets now!

( ^ ^)v

– V for victory and V for visit Korea 2006!


*EDIT* what were some of your World Cup memories?

23 thoughts on “Visit Korea 2006

  1. i liked that u used the word “magical”….hehe…that makes me laugh ~^^~!  but wish u could have been there last night too…but this summer, we’ll watch games together ^^…okay uncle rob??

  2. Karis is 7000 dollars. But for you, 6000.It’d be the bee’s knees to partake in a Korean riot. Dude, no harm in admiring God’s creation. The girl is hot.

  3. hey rob!!! don’t worry.. the boys were sleeping in my brother’s room and i didn’t allow them to come into my room, except for the picture time..
    c’mon rob…. it’s ME! i’m like crazy anti boy!!! ^^
    hehehe, have fun with world cup and keep walking the straight and narrow! miss you!

  4. Heck yah a few more days in LA is better than a free ride from the airport, but I still have to count my blessings don’t I? Plus, the friend is breaking her lease and from her description it’s a really nice place. Right next to the Art Museuem (Rocky steps).Dude reading the comments on this post sure makes it feel like a small world. You really don’t have anything worry about concerning our stay in Albuquerque. I think Christina’s jindos would have torn us apart. It was strange enough to shower with the dogs jumping up at the bathroom window. Hehe.Eugene’s bike is freaking loud. Any guy would enjoy it.

  5. if he looks like a hoe, acts like a hoe, smells like a hoe… guess what you dont have to be sherlock to say he is a hoe.. =)
    i dont know how you would know… i guess intuition.. you just smell it. also, if he said he slept with that many women.. well that just doesnt fly in my boat.

  6. AJWHEAGCJLHAWGELGAJHawejhcag to what xpinkalienx said.
    i’m coming this summer *flailing arms in the air* i’m excited. i’ll be there in early august!!
    no. taylor hicks’ song isn’t on the radio yet. he JUST won today!! calm it

  7. hope you had fun at the last game… =) i’m glad i’m here for the world cup. although it won’t be the same as 2002. i came the DAY after everthing finished. DAE HAN MIN GOOK!!

  8. Was I really the first ever to comment on your Xanga? I thought you commented on mine first, then I went back and commented on yours. No matter.I wish I could be in Korea for the World Cup too. Then I wouldn’t have to be sheepish about cheering and yelling for Korea. I was about to attempt buying tickets for the June 13th or later games because I can go up to Germany, but it would be pointless to take a train by myself and cheer without anyone else I knew around. It would be an adventure, but a pricey one that no one would subsidize. Haha.Have fun jumping up and down at the 시청.

  9. I can’t wait for world cup . . .”Let’s get rrrrrrrready to RUMBLE!” Anyone going to Seoul wanna pack me in their luggage for a quick visit to Korea for World Cup, hehehe.

  10. As cute as she would be in a t-shirt and jeans, I think our ancestors are rolling around in their graves.Modesty and humility is always rewarded.

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