I miss Seoul already!!!!


with all these great friends, how can you blame me??


Well here I am back in the States.  It’s so sad, all these emotions running through….3 weeks in Korea seemed more like it was 3 days cause it zipped by so fast.  I would love to have been there for another week, but honestly, who am I kidding…if I had another week, I probably would have done the same thing I did last week.  Maybe throw in a day to go visit the Kimchi Museum and a few more jjim-jil bangs, but overall what I was doing really was just hanging out and wasting away money.  I needed to come back here and just rebuild.  Rebuild everything.  Rebuild myself, my family, my house, my capital…and after I’ve built back up again, then I think I’ll can be ready to come back to Korea again. 

Thanks for all of those who came out on my last night.  I really appreciated it.  It was so good to see all of your faces one more time before I went.  I’m going to miss every single one of you.  And for those who I didn’t get to see while I was out there, no worries….I’m sure our paths will cross again in this lifetime.  Who knows what God will throw out there for us. 

For those who didn’t know, the place we went to was my cousin’s new restaurant.  It’s only been open for about 2 months.  Some of you guys might have recognized him cause its the same cousin who owns the Jumanji in Apgu.  He’s in the process of selling the board game cafe if any of you are interested.  Anyway, if you liked the food, then please go again.  If you weren’t there and you like good italian pastas and brick oven pizzas then definitly check it out.  

Again, I just want to say thanks.  Thanks for letting me get to know you.  All of you.  Even if it was just for a little bit.  Thank you everyone from the church (JSEM & Jubliee)…thank you for your prayers.  I wouldn’t have been able to care for my dad had it not been for you guys.

Thank you for all those who are serving in the army…both Korean and American.  You have kept me safe out there and I can’t thank you enough for your great service.  Thank you coworkers for never giving up on me when things got tough for me in the office.  Your help will never be forgotten and will be returned 10 fold…go ahead and send your kids to “yoo-hak”.  I’ll take care of them.  Thank you to all my relatives out there.  You have shown a side of me that I had that I never knew existed deep down inside. 

And thank you to all the native Koreans who got to know me and put up with my “ugly American” ass during my year there.  You have taught me so much about my native culture and I will sure to be passing them onto the next generation of kyopos to come.  And please remember, we are not as different as you think we are.  In fact, rather than focusing on our differences, we should try focus on how similar we really are.  It’s not like we are from Dubai.  I look at you and I see who I might have been had my parents woke up one morning and decided not to emigrate.

Just try to come out to America as soon as you can so I can show you how we live…


4 thoughts on “I miss Seoul already!!!!

  1. rob!!! glad you got back safely… we’ll definitely miss you over here, but like you said, i’m sure our paths will cross again… esp since suki and i will be back in chi-town sometime in the next few months… =)

  2. dude, you’re getting a job in Chicago??  awesome!  let’s get together sometime. 
    They have different tokidoki iskins depending on what kind of ipod you have.  The ones i posted are the ones for the 1st generation nanos.  But they’re all a little cutesy, so i’m not sure if they’re “manly” enough.  :) 

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