Happy White Day!

i’m ready to take on the my next challenge.  what should i do next?  iron man?  mount everest?  maybe one day.  but for now….

Western face of Mount Everest 8848m, Nepal   


how about finding a fricken job?? 

now, i know i was supposed to find one before…but it was getting so close to marathon time that i felt like i needed to focus on more training.  now that its over…no more excuses.  imma get me one.

i spent most of my career as a financial analyst and then spent some crazy years experimenting in things like starting up businesses, investing in real estate and playing poker professionally.  everyone always asks me about the poker, so maybe i’ll write an entry about it one day.  all i can say for now is think “swings”.

anyway, so yeah…experimenting was a lot of fun, but now i need to grow up, put a stake in the sand and stick to my bread ‘n butter where the cash flow was steady.   i’m looking on careerbuilder and monster and they are trying to tell me that i fit the bill for a lot of these credit analyst positions.  sounds pretty interesting….NOT!

actually, i think i may already have an offer.  an old friend of my dads called me today.  smart guy…he’s a retired doctor, now entreprenuer developing condominums in ktown.   ktown la that is.  he wants me to come by and check out his office over there.  this is actually an industry that i’ve been trying to break into for the longest time now. i would love to be a part of developing ktown la…the land that i love.  there’s only one thing though…i think my mom is pretty stoked about having me closer to home now my dad’s gone. doing something like this would probably break her heart.  and i know she doesn’t want to leave chicago cause of all her friends, that’s for sure. 

career is important…family is more important

but where can i find good balance between the two?


12 thoughts on “Happy White Day!

  1. thanks for the comment on the song.. it’s such a special song for such a special girl.
    your mom would be heart-brken to know that she was holding you back from great opportunities… you can make the extra effort to spend quality time on visits if the LA opp is something you want to pursue.
    as for the marathon… how did you do?

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