canon in d remix (oldie but goodie)

i totally forgot i uploaded this a while back but never posted it. thanks for reminding me i had it.  it started out as a commercial for this korean construction company, e-pyeonhan saesang, but it seems like everyone loves the b-boy and beat box more than the product.

beat box:  lee chang-yui

when i was a little kid, i wanted to be a pro-ball player. if i knew back then what i know now, i think i would have wanted to b-boy. 

b-boy:  last 4 one


where were all the role models growing up?


5 thoughts on “canon in d remix (oldie but goodie)

  1. ohh i love that ad! one of the examples of vampire advertising, i couldn’t even remember the product but i remember the song! where did you get the mp3? i want it!

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