We want you to be excited when coming to Korea so we have prepared this time lapse of Seoul for you. It’s a video where you can feel the heart of the Korean people. Korea is a high speed society where time really does fly. You can say that we live in the past, present and future all at the same time. We’ve grown so fast in just a generations time that our grandparents remember a time when we had absolutely nothing. We are a society well rooted within tradition, but yearning to uncover what’s next in the horizon.

The background song is “Arirang”, and it is heart and soul of every Korean. It’s a story that speaks of the Korean’s pride, the Korean’s sorrow, the Korean’s struggle and the overcoming of it rolled into one. It’s a story of hope. We at KoreanTourGuide.com hope that this can inspire you to get something out of your trip here to Korea.  The Korean people are a dynamic and exciting people and you’ll definitely see a glimpse of that during your visit here.