Everyone offers the DMZ tour in Korea, but who’s offering it being led by a North Korean defector? We give you the ultimate experience to be at a place designed to separate North Koreans from South Koreans with, ironically, someone who actually lived there in the North. We’ve teamed up with a North Korean Refugee School to support refugees living here in South Korea. When North Koreans come to Korea, they are immediately given South Korean citizenship. Often times they don’t know how to function in a global society. Our partners teach them how to adjust in this new world and show them how to get a job.  They will appoint a refugee to us at the time of booking and they will talk about life in the North and how they managed to escape through the border.

  • Drive up to Imjingak Park with North Korean refugee
  • Checkpoint Charlie (make sure to bring your physical passports)
  • Look out the Dorasan Observatory to see the ancient capital of Korea, Kaesong
  • See the last train station in South Korea, but the first one towards unification
  • Walk through the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel where the North Koreans dug under the DMZ to plot a surprise attack on us in the South.

A truly unique experience in Korea. Pricing depends on which defector is available at the time. Serious inquiries please.

DMZ at JSA 2