The first step to reunification. Still one of the most popular places to go, this is the border between North Korea and South Korea. Definitely one of the must see places while you are here. A bucket list item for most, the thrill you experience here is shiver down the spine you’ll be feeling for a long time. One of the most unique experiences you’ll see on this planet. 100% safe as this has become more of a tourist destination for both North and South Korea  than a place to fear. Did you know you could visit it from the North as well?

  • Meet at the rendezvous point
  • Passport and attire check at the rendezvous point
  • Board bus to the DMZ
  • Drive through Freedom Highway
  • Pass through Unification Bridge
  • Arrive at Camp Bonifas
  • Presentation of the DMZ
  • JSA Tour (Freedom House, Sentry Post No. 3, Bridge of No Return)
  • Lunch – choice of Bulgogi beef or Bibimbap rice bowl
  • Head over the 3rd Tunnel to see where North Korea dug tunnels under the DMZ
  • Dorasan Observatory to look into North Korea and the Dorasan Station
  • Drive back to Seoul
  • End of tour at original location

DMZ-JSA Tour $85/person



DMZ-JSA with 3rd Tunnel $130/person

*Offered everyday except Sundays, Mondays and National Holidays.

** Tours must be booked 3 days in advance of wanted date.

***Other parts of the DMZ are available for tours. Please inquire.

****All DMZ tours can be cancelled entirely or in-part without prior notice at anytime due to UN security reasons.