There is this whole new world of traditional liquors waiting to be uncovered in Korea. One of which is makgeolli, a rice based spirit that was once enjoyed by the working class of Korea. Now it’s taken shape to a more sophisticated level where serious artisans continue to perfect the moonshine to its mastery. Makgeolli in Korea is like nothing you’ve ever tasted. The flavors are unique and there is a wide variety with a type to suit the respective environment/personality. It’s not overly potent making it great for tastings. It’s character takes on the elegance of a fine wine but has the grit of a craft beer.

The Masters Tour -2

We will take you on an experience to meet the masters of this craft that will leave you intellectually satisfied. We educate you on on the foundations and then prompt you with discussion points. Each brew master has their own recipe that’s been contemporized after being passed down from generation to generation. They will give you a full range of experiences from tastings of their home-made concoctions to having them talk about the inspiration behind some of their master pieces.

The Insadong Tasting Tour

Every experience has been unique in that we might finish at one of the many recommended Korean style pubs to drinking out of their own curated stock. One thing that remains consistent throughout is that you will be well informed about the traditional drink as our experts are well versed on the topic. Lastly, the brew masters refuse to add in preservatives that large production brewers might do to improve shelf life leaving this an experience that essentially can only be enjoyed in Korea and Korea only.

*This experience can be offered on a stand alone basis or in-part with a larger itinerary we arrange for you.


The Masters Tour