We are different from the rest and you will immediately feel the difference when you send us an email^^ We are bringing authenticity back to touring and traveling. At KoreanTourGuide.com, you don’t just get a private tour guide, you get a network of tour guides in Korea all working together to give you the best possible tour experience.

When we first started our business taking tourists around for a great Seoul city tour, we worked hard to tell you the story we wanted you to go away with. We saw how powerful story telling was and trained new guides to follow the same narrative of what we are so proud of here in Korea. As we found this model to be successful, we expanded the team to launch nationwide tours across Korea.

A wonderful and enriching experience it was for us to travel to every nook-and-cranny of Korea. We’ve met interesting people and found a plethora of great local guides and experts who love sharing Korea as much as we do. These guys are: war veterans, chefs, online gamers, refugees, teachers, farmers, you name it! They are masters of their own trade and an honor to see them working in their element. You won’t want to miss them when we introduce you to them on our Unique Experiences with Local Experts page.

Traveling around Korea is still raw and it’s still advised to hire a guide or travel with an interpreter. At KoreanTourGuide.com, we are offering you a unique way to travel through Korea. Gone are the days of traveling around with the same boring guide. With us, you will have at least a lead guide and a sit-in guide who will assist while learning the trade. This offers a fresh new perspective available no where else, bringing authenticity back!

To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity. – Douglas Adams