On the south and east coast of Korea we have beautiful beaches. But on the west coast of Korea, we have a long span of mudflats. It’s fun and different from your traditional fun in the sun. Everyday the tide comes in to renew the mud with new life. When the tide goes back out again, we uncover a whole new world of sea life. Playful mud crabs, a harvest of shell life…who knows maybe we’ll run into some octopi and you won’t even need to get into a wet suit.

Next we will drive down to Jeonju, the food capital of Korea. Ask any Korean, “Where is the best place to get food?” Other than saying their mother’s kitchen, they’ll most likely say the city of Jeonju. Here we will gorge on Korea’s crown staple, the bibimbap. It is here where the dish originated as it was one of the favorites of the Great King Taejo. We will tour his old stomping grounds in the hanok village and maybe pay tribute to him in his very own shrine.

In the very middle of the west coast, we will drive through the longest sea dike in the entire world. Spanning at 33 kilometers long, all you see around you is the ocean. We will finally make our way to Yeosu, the site of the 2012 World Expo. Also around there is the beautiful green tea fields of Boseong, a paradise for tea lovers. If we are lucky, we can catch the Saturday Market and yodeling cow farm. Another great stop will be the national wetlands, Suncheonman Bay. Here we will get onto a ferry that will take us through the marsh to see one of the most beautiful sites all throughout Korea. We will stay in 4 star accommodations all throughout the trip.

Day 1 – Depart from Seoul –> Gongju, the ancient capital of Korea –> Magok Temple –> Gongsanseong Fortress –> Boryeong Mudflats and overnight

Day 2 – Depart for Jeonju –> Gunsan Fish Market –> Saemangeum Sea Dike –> Byeonsan Peninsula –> Damyang Bamboo Forest and overnight

Day 3 – Depart for Yeosu –> Boseong Green Tea Fields –> Naganeupseong Folk Village –> Odongdo Island and overnight

Day 4 – Suncheonman Bay Ecological Park –> Jeonju Hanok Village –> Drive back to Seoul

What’s included: Entrance fees, English speaking tour guide, hotels and transportation

What’s NOT included: Food, but we will take you to the best restaurants in town

What to bring: Toiletries for overnights

Price: $799 per person (double sharing accommodations)