Month: June 2005

its funny how my thinking has shifted ever since i moved out here.  in america, the question was, “should i eat one cheeseburger or two?”  now i’m asking myself, “should i join one healthclub or two?” i currently belong to one.  this one i like because its right across the street from where i live, …

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I finally figured out how to upload pictures from my camera!  Here’s the mountain I climb everyday.  Actually it doesn’t look that big here, but I swear it is: And here is where I get my Yaksu from!  It’s delicious I swear!

i think i feel how a mexican back home would feel.  i’m not a citizen.  i have survival language skills (although getting much better), i have no drivers license and to add…i have no health insurance.  no drivers license, i can handle.  it takes me back to the good old new york days when i …

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