Month: November 2005

i’m so in shock!  i can’t believe these are the same people! ±è¼öÇö aside from the gothic tone of her skin, i kinda like her better this way.  or it may just be the cross….

YES!  I have free picture uploads now.  I don’t have to house them at another site anymore.  Thanks!!! I love how I eat Korean food every single day!  It’s like the good old days when i lived with the rents!  Now that Kimchi these days is getting a lot of buzz for its health benefits, it should …

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  Conversation with Ms. Kim, 24 yo office worker [16:22] (*)star lit night(*)¡¬(*£à, ¬¥¢¥)/: why don’t you make your boo? [16:22] (*)star lit night(*)¡¬(*£à¬¥¢¥)/: at korea [16:22] RobAce: my boo? [16:22] (*)star lit night(*)¡¬(*£à¬¥¢¥)/: ¤»¤» [16:22] RobAce: what is my boo? [16:23] (*)star lit night(*)¡¬(*£à¬¥¢¥)/: ¿©ÀÚÄ£±¸ [16:23] RobAce: puahahahaha! and good luck to all the …

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does anyone have a copy of the first uptown (¾÷Ÿ¿î) album?  i need to listen to it but nobody seems to have it in stock cause its so old.  that was like the bomb back in the day. http://music.bugs.co.kr/Info/album.asp?cat=Base&menu=m&album=2162  

Five Things I do weird (Tagged by anniepoo) 1. I don’t like chewing gum. 2. I am addicted to chapstick.  See Chapstick post 3. I always pray silently. 4. I usually take an antacid before I drink so that I don’t turn red and that my stomach can handle it. 5. I have curly hair, not because its …

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