Coming to Korea from a country, say America, you will immediately feel how safe it is here. Lifestyle9.com just came out with their top 10 list of safest countries to settle. The top 4 countries are in Asia and they go as follows: Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea (America is #88). They only give descriptions for the top 3, so we’ll go over Korea specifically. When you come to Korea, without saying a word, foreigners immediately feel unthreatened. There is this sense of social order that people tend to abide by. Nobody gets in your face about anything unwarranted. Nobody is out seeking to get attention. Nobody shows any outward attitude. Yet if you approach any young Korean person randomly walking on the streets with a question, they are immediately happy to help you find your way with a friendly smile. There’s never any fear for your life. Girls often wonder if its ok to walk around at night by themselves. It’s the same. Very safe. And any expat living here for some time will tell you the same thing. You can get out any random subway stop in Korea and not feel threatened, nor see something out of the ordinary. You can’t say the same thing on the New York Metro or rather any other public transportation in America. You walk out any given exit of any given subway stop and you’ll see the same familiar things. The same types of convenient stores, the same kinds of banks, the same kinds of cell phone stores and restaurants. It’s this universalness that makes you feel very comfortable and ultimately safe here in Korea. That’s not to say crime doesn’t exist here or in Asia for that matter. It just manifests itself in different forms.. In terms of natural disasters, its rare for something like that to happen in Korea. If you look at the map here, you’ll see that we are sitting snug in between China in the west and Japan on the west. These countries serve as natural barriers from tsunamis here getting too big and so forth.

Korea and its border countries

The only thing weighing Korea down, which is a non-effect is North Korea. The media always reports that North Korea is always threatening South Korea wanting to turn Seoul into a “sea of fire”. Talk is cheap, but the media is eating it all up sensationalizing it making a bigger story than it is. The Korean people are not in panic as we have been hearing the same thing over and over again for the past 60 years. If this was truly a threat, then you would see panic buying of all the bottled water at the stores. You just don’t see this happening at all. Quite honestly, its only geopolitical posturing for North Korea. You take out the North Korea factor and we are probably sitting at #1 spot.


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