We at KoreanTourGuide.com are looking for local experts living in Korea. What’s a local expert? Well that could just be you!


각 분야의 전문가,명인, 달인 마스터를 찾습니다!!!


서울의 숨겨진 명소를 잘 아시는분,
골목골목 숨은 맛집을 잘 아시는분,
특정 분야의 전문적인 지식이 있는분,
된장, 고추장 우리나라의 장 마스터,
와인, 전통주, 전통차 장인
산 전문가, 우리소리의 명인
한국의 역사를 잘 알고있는 지식인,
어느 분야의 상관없이 전문가
또는 마스터 분들을 찾고 있습니다.


What’s a local expert?

We’re looking for a broad range of services to add to our portfolio of true local experiences. Do you have a special skill that you are particularly proud of? Maybe you know the Hongdae Indie scene and can get take us somewhere for some really cool laid back music. Maybe you know the back alleys of Yongsan Electronics Market to get the best deals on tech stuff. We’re looking for locals with a unique skill set, knowledge or exclusive access to places in Korea. If you have something interesting to share, we would love to hear from you.

Guests are looking for true local experiences.

What will I do?

Here are a few examples of what you might be able to do during a few hours of your day:

  • Get us backstage to meet performers or celebs
  • Show us a breathtaking view from an exclusive place
  • Share your knowledge about Korean art while taking us through a museum
  • Cook up some Korean fusion or introduce the best place for the ultimate BBQ experience
  • Maybe one of your skills is that you’re bilingual and can interpret (Our guests visit from all over the world)

You get the idea!

Guides take guests around Korea as if they were taking around their own families on a weekend getaway.

How do I benefit?

When our guests visit Korea they are interested in more than the average tour. Big or small, we believe your expertise makes for the best local experience in Korea. So why not make some extra cash doing something that you probably do already on a weekly basis? You’ll be joining a growing network of local experts sharing their passion for Korea with the world, while also getting paid.

OK. How do I get involved?