Private Virtual Tours from KTG

So now that world travel is virtually on standstill, what’s the next best thing to do? How about a private virtual tour from the convenience of your own family room? At KoreanTourGuide.com, we are not settling to wait out this pandemic. We love what we do and we are now setting up shop to make private virtual tours a real thing.

Just go onto our website, book a tour guide like you normally do and we’ll give you a private tour of South Korea through Skype or any other video phone platform of your choice. It’s fun, completely interactive and done right in your own home. Ask questions about Korea and you’ll get answers right away in real time.

This is truly one of the most unique experiences in the world because South Korea isn’t on any lock down. We can go anywhere you want in the country, or just choose from one of the many signature tours.

Any one of them can be done on a private and virtual basis. All you need a computer or smart phone. Then sit back and relax while your guide shows you the beauty and culture of Korea by telling you interesting stories. Book now at KoreanTourGuide.com!

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