Tour Itinerary for Reah Conference

So I’ve been asked to do a tour in October for 50+ and counting people for the Reah Conference on Oct 1. When the sizes get this big, we end up doing only a fraction of what’s on our typical itinerary due to the slow nature and free time we need to allot. I need to send them a description and schedule so I might as well talk here as to how I’m going about it. I’m also going to split them up into 2 options so I’ll be leading one and the other will probably go to Mars. Let’s see if they like the reel:

Option 1
Ye Olde Joseon Tour
Seoul has been the capital of the entire Korean Peninsula for the past 600 years. It was only 60 years ago or tenth of this city’s history has it been severed in half. We take you back when there was a time of unity in the country called the Joseon Dynasty, which ruled from 1392AD to 1910. This is a great place to start for the history of Korea as it sheds light onto the forthcomings of the Japanese Occupation and the Korean War.

Tour Highlights
– Pickup from hotel
– City Hall Tour
– Cheongye Stream
– Meet the Admiral
– Meet the King Sejong the Great
– Gyeongbok Palace Tour
– Bukchon Hanok Village
– Insadong

Option 2
Arts and Active Korea
Korea today, is the miracle that took place on the Han River. We will take a look at contemporary Korea and starting from where it all happened. This is one of the world’s greatest untold stories. Going from the ashes of war to one of the most powerful countries in the world is knowledge that must be shared. This vibrant and active country now has the means to share its artistic values and talents and this tour is going to share some of that.

Tour Highlights
– Pickup from hotel
– 63 City for view, aquarium and wax museum
– Bicycle around Yeoinaru Han River Park
– Head over to Hongdae
– Trick Eye Museum

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