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Buy, Rest, and Eat tour


We will visit Dongdaemun History & Culture Park. This place is famous for clothes. We will visit Doota & Migliore which is the name of shopping malls. However, if you are not interested in buying clothes, you can also tour Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP). You will experience special feeling. Shape of DDP is similar to UFO. After shopping or tour, we will visit Spalex which is Korea's famous coed saunas. We will spend time in Korea's famous coed saunas. Korean sauna is not just place to take a shower. We can chat, we can eat, and we can sleep. Many Korean people spend time in Korea's famous coed saunas. And there is special snack too!!! After spending time in sauna, we will go to New town restaurant and eat SamKyupSsal! Korean people often eat SamKyupSsal after taking sauna. We will use public transportation.



6-Hour Seoul English Walking Tour (K-pop | Shopping | Fashion) or Customized Tours


Myeong-dong Main shopping area with international fashion brands, luxury department stores, and cosmetics shops - Look around K-pop shops underground! - Try diverse street food and visit "Myeong-dong Cathedral" (a 19th-century gothic-style bell tower). Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) Design industry landmark designed by “Zaha Hadid” (the world-leading architect) The most Instagram tagged location in Korea in 2019 K-drama spot for "You Who Came from the Stars," "Producer," and "She Was Pretty" Garosu-gil Artist street with K-beauty make-up stores - Get makeup by cosmetic artists in flagship stores! Gangnam K-star Road - Let’s meet K-pop stars in artworks! COEX Mall World largest underground mall with convention centers and exhibit halls in Gangnam area (famous for “Gangnam Style”) - Dance “Gangnam Style” with the sculpture! - Visit “Starfield Library” (a fantastically designed public library). SM Town Artium Complex offers SM (the largest K-pop company) holographic performances and exhibits • Recommend to eat in Dongdaemun Design Plaza: - Tteok-bokki (a spicy rice cake) - Chicken soup with vegetables, noodles, and dumplings



Seoul Shopping Tour


Showing around the most famous shopping area of Seoul. Best shopping places and will guide you to find anything you want to buy and to help in the right price and place by introducing unique local stores. I will take you to Myeongdong, Hongdae, Dongdaemun or wherever else you'd like to visit.



The Best Night View of Seoul city with a Photographer Tourguide!! (private van)


** This tour includes Tour-guiding, Driving, and Unlimited Photo-Shooting service. There are 2 ways to make up your tour with me as shown bellow ** 1. Customized Itinerary on your needs : If you tell me what kind of tour you would want, I will be happy to provide you the possible plans for you. The bellow are some of the examples that you can express me your needs. - easy / busy - more focus on photo taking / quickly go through many places / want to spend your own time - prefer foody tour(market) or not - places with no additional costs for admission fee / good attractions with admission fees(ferry, observatory, etc) 2. You can choose attractions from the given options : Please feel free to name any of them, and we will go for it!! (This tour is designed to be 10 hours journey. After I get your priorities, I will provide you the best plan as possible.) - The Ferry on Han River - N-Seoul Tower - Kwangjang Night Market (Foody) - Dongdaemun Design Plaza (Unique Futuristic Site by the Worldwide Architect) - Naksan Park (Shining Fortress wall on the mountain) - Premium Rooftop Cafe ******** Thank you for showing your interests to my tour program. I will guide you to enjoy as best as possible in each places.. And you will be provided with the UNLIMITED PHOTO Service with my camera, in order to make your memory even more Gorgeous one Forever!!! ********



Seoul Highlights All in a Day


You will see everything you need to all packed into 1 day. The minimum tour hour is 7 hours a day, but can be as long as 12 hours a day. The Seoul Highlight Tour can be arranged for a two-day tour on request. $250 for 8 hours / $350 for 12 hours or a van tour $350 for 8 hours / $450 for 12 hours *The time to start the tour is subject to change depending on the location of the hotel you will stay in Seoul. ★ Clients are welcome to make any suggestions to make the tour short by skipping a few destinations. Customized tour can be arranged on request.



The Weeklong Seoul Tour


Here we will do everything you need or want to do in Seoul! Palaces and traditional markets? You got it! Kpop and the modern Gangnam side of Seoul? Coming right up! We will also do day trips outside of Seoul, but come back so that you can stay in the comforts of the hotel that you booked. Some of the things we will see outside of Seoul are the DMZ, Nami Island and Hwaseong Suwon Fortress Wall. Let me know if we've missed anything on the itinerary. 9 straight days of action-packed tours with a tour guide.



Let's go for highlights in Seoul!


We will visit some highlight spots of Seoul(must go places) in one day! It covers not only a history but also a culture and local experience :) You will experience old Korean dynasty to visit our palace in the morning and look around one of the best antique market in Seoul. After lunch, we will go to experience how to make kimchi and wear our beautiful traditional costume, hanbok using traditional backgrounds. It will be amazing experience and good memory for your instagram and facebook(definitely!!!) After that, we will visit local food market in Seoul so that you can experience korea's awesome street food. If we have more time, we can finish our tour at Han river park where you can see one of the best night view in Seoul and enjoy chimaek(chicken+beer) to make your night perfect ;)



Seoul in a Day: Private Van + Guide


Are you planning to visit Seoul for the first time? I can customize the tour so you can maximize your time while you're in Seoul and see the locals, feel the culture, and taste the local food within a day! The itinerary is 100% up to you and I can recommend you many interesting places to explore in Seoul! A friendly driver with a van will bring you anywhere you like within Seoul and a professional licensed tour guide will accompany you to show you this lovely city with countless things to discover culturally and historically!



Korean Paper Handicrafts Experience


Hanji is Korean traditional paper with long history which comes in many different colors including pink, orange, red and etc. The color of Hanji is so captivating that it is used for decorations and during this experience you can decorate items with your own unique design with Hanji. This is 1 hour program and you will be given with instructions and learn Korean paper art step by step. The main product of the program is paper pen and you can choose additional ones like frame, hand mirror, Korean traditional shoes, coaster, phone holder and etc at extra charge. The basic product can be altered to frame, pen holder or coaster if you wish. You can keep the art work that you made after the program as a souvenir.



Understanding the Life of a Korean Tour


First we will dress up like a Korean in Korean traditional costumes. The we will talk about the birth of a Korean, the life & death of a Korean and even go so far as to talk about the afterlife of a Korean. From start to finish, we start with when babies are born to the pinnacles of their careers. We explore how they lived, through the culture & heritage sites of Seoul. 2 half day courses, mix and match, or combine them for a full day tour of the city! This is one of our more popular tours. By the end, you will be an expert on the Korean people, traditional architecture and the history of Korea. Book now to get a feel for the Koreans lived during the dyanstical period of the Joseon Kingdom (1392AD - 1910AD).



Let's sneak in the behind of Presidential house! (Bugaksan trekking)


Bugaksan Mountain is a 342-meter high granite mountain in the middle of Seoul and is home to Gyeongbokgung Palace and a Joseon Dynasty fortress. Its proximity to Cheongwadae, the presidential residence, saw the area closed to the public for 40 years due to security concerns. But nowadays, we can freely hike this mountain if you register your ID at the starting point. We will start from Changuimun course and will get to enjoy the spectacular view of Seoul from the top. But, there are more! Did you know that it was a route for North Korean spies? Something was done in the mountain during Japanese occupations? I would like to share all of these behind stories with you while enjoying the nature. Why don't you come and get different view of Seoul? *Notice* - Visitors must carry accepted form of identification (e.g. passport of Alien Registration Card issued from Republic of Korea) - Duration: Walking about 1.5 hrs, Hiking about 2 hrs - Difficulty : Intermediate * What to bring - Hiking shoes, comfortable clothes, bottle of water and adventures mind :)


Korean Tour Guides are highly professional, licensed and go through a serious vetting process. They offer their own tours, but you can always ask them to customize it to your own interests.



Heejin Suh


Hi, my name is Hana who is fun, considerate, adventurous and a big traveler myself. I was an IT engineer for last six years. Even though IT is an interesting field, I loved the new experience from traveling overseas. Overall, I traveled more than 30 countries and 100 cities. What else? Yes, I quit the job in 2014 and became a tour guide in Seoul! I do truly understand each moment and each day is so important for travelers, therefore I always do my best to make amusing and enjoyable moments with my guests. I have conducted more than 100 tours to DMZ, Palaces and UNESCO heritage sites so on. But above all, I believe that I have shared all of my delightful and positive energy with my guests during the tour. Not only me, generally people in Seoul are active, energetic and looking for the fun all the time. While you are traveling Seoul, I wish you can taste the true color of South Korea!



Sunny Park


Hello, my name is Sunny and I'm a semi-pro golfer with a teaching license in Korea. Korean lady golfers are considered some of the best in the world. Just look at the Rolex Rankings and you'll find that 40% of the top lady golfers are from my country Korea. What better way to learn your golf swing than from a person like me. I usually teach at my local driving range, but we can go out in the field to play if you like. Playing golf in Korea is an experience like no other. I know some of the best golf courses where history was made. Make sure to message me first before trying to make a booking. I have other classes I teach so it's best to coordinate. Thanks!



Pam Kim


I am a Korean-Canadian professional English-speaking tour guide with a certified license. Happiness, Fun, Laughter, Joy, Delightful - These are the words that come to my mind when I think of my tours and my guests. What's your favorite thing to do when you travel? Do you want to experience fun and dynamic Korean culture and history with a positive, bright, and loving local professional tour guide? Then, let's travel Korea with Pam! I was born and raised in Korea until I was 15 years old, then I resided in Canada for 17 years. I decided to become a tour guide in Korea after I traveled around the world because I realized that I love Korean food, history, culture, and people! I have conducted more than 400 professional tours with over 2, 000 travelers from 65 different countries for the past 3 years. I speak native level Korean and English and I can also bring both the Eastern and the Western cultures together and keep you interested while we explore this amazing country. Let's have some fun and experience the authentic Korean culture and local food! Pam's Private Tour Guiding Experiences (South Korea) * Ministry of Foreign Affairs - President of Inter-American Development Bank (IDB): VIP JSA Tour, Counsellor & Deputy Chief of Embassy of The Arab Republic of Egypt: Seoul City Tour, Governor of Iowa from the United States: VIP JSA Tour * World Bank - Vice President and Country Director of East Asia and Pacific Region: VIP JSA Tour * United Nations - Head EDP and DPKO: Seoul Vicinity Tour * Korean Air - Former minister of the Ministry of Culture of France: Seoul & Jeju Island Tour * CHANEL - Seoul Chanel Walk Fashion Show VIP actress Kristen Stewart and liaison from France: Seoul City Tour * ADNEC Group - Managing Director of Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company: Seoul City Tour * Samsung Engineering - The State Oil Company of Azerbaijan Republic (SOCAR), Vice Presidents: DMZ Tour * Sun Hydraulics - Board of directors from Europe and North America: Seoul City Tour * Hotel VIP Guest Tours - Park Hyatt, Grand Intercontinental, Conrad, JW Marriott, Grand Hyatt, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, etc.



Jin Lee


Hi! My name is Jin lee and I'm working as an English tour guide in South Korea! I deal with every tours in every places! It's almost over 5 years that I've started to work as a tour guide in Korea and It's still super amazing! If you are looking for a fun and joyful tour guide, please don't hesitate to choose me :) I'm definitely gonna make your day so awesome and beautiful! Thanks and See you soon! Bio 2014.11~2015.11 : City tour guide in Cosmojin (private & package) 2015.11~2016.03 : City tour guide in VIP (private & package) 2016.03~ : working as a freelanced tour guide (Samsung, KIA, Keumho, Chanel, Givenchy, etc)



Sung Gyu Kim


Hi, My name is Sung Gyu Kim, I'm from and based in Seoul, South Korea. I've been living in abroad(USA, Sweden, 中文) for 12 years and also have long time of traveling experience in every continent of earth. From my experience I will guide you to the best experience and expedition of my country. as I'm the local person I understand and know the city and country more than anyone. A day tour, sightseeing, history, shopping, food, local life, mainstream and underground art and music scene, family or group tour and also night life, I can plan or guide you from any kind of your preference. also welcome to ask any kind of your travel offers or translator. No crime record, nice and friendly! Korean is my mother language, fluent in English, Mandarin Chinese(中文欢迎) also can speak conversational Swedish and Portuguese. Thank you.:) ??!



Judy Kim


First of all, I have to say travelling has been always my passion. I has really enjoyed travelling by my car to tourist attractions or a cousine tour all over the country not only during weekends but also whenever I got vacations or even only one day-off. To make my dream come true that is to make travelling my profession, I studied and got the International tour guide license certified by Korean government in December 2017. I worked for JP Morgan Chase Investment Banking Corp Seoul Branch for 24 years, a Native English Teacher Recruiting Company for two years and representative Korean Buddhist temples for four years. And now I would like to start the second page of my life as I wanted for a long time. As I travelled so many years alone or with my international friends who had been known from my previous work before having the licence, now I assure that you will be my pleasure to show you the beauty of Morning Calm country my motherland Korea. It is really challenging to be a private tour guide for international visitors. I have been escorting many international visitors more than 4,000 people from various foreign countries to Korean temples and hermitages and conducted meditation in the forest of the temples for several years during the templestay. In addition, I made unforgettable memories during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. I escorted and interpreted a Minister of Science from Canada Ms. Kirsty Duncan who is a genuine born lovely lady at the same time very intelligent. You can see her beautiful smile from the photo gallery. I supported her and the SportsCanada team about 40 days during the Olympic games and Paralyimpics. I met many wonderful sports stars and medalists of Olympics and it was very honorable having time with them as I had just started to work in the tourism industries as an English Tour guide. Since then, I could perform not only many important tour events but also assume an important role as an interpreter at variety of Governmental exhibition or business meetings. I am now enjoying the second page of my life with many international peoples who want to explore Korean culture and history by visiting Korea tourist attractions. I will arrange your journey most exciting and refreshing. And I will also try to help you to find true yourself at the end of your trip by making empty your busy mind at the most serene beautiful place in Korea.



Jinny Kim


Hello ! I am a licensed tour guide with fluent English and great knowledge about Korean culture and history. I obtained this license in 1998 and since then, I have worked on and off as a part-time and a full-time tour guide for travel agencies and Korean governmental agencies. I majored in English and literature in university and a graduate school and also studied in Australia. I chose to become a tour guide as I love being with people and I am a great people person. I am also a non-stop chatterbox who tells you about Korean culture and history that is not written in the travelers' guide book. You will be all ears when I tell you behind-the-scenes stories of Korean history. Magical things can happen when you are with me as I will do my best to make your wishes to come true just like Genie in a bottle in the story of Aladdin. (^-^) Traveling all over the places with my valuable clients is the biggest happiness to me. I think I am a born traveler and a tour guide. I never get tired from any type of tours. As a licensed tour guide, I design tours for foreigners who want to visit Korea. I offer tour guiding service anywhere in Korea for a number of days on request. I am also available for medical tours and plant tours around Korea. I have been to many places all over Korea as a tour guide for foreigners and all over the world as a tour leader for Korean tourists. I have traveled about 50 countries so far including 10 countries in Africa, America, Canada, England, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Turkey, France, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Portugal, Monaco, Czech, Austria, Swiss,Hungry, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Laos, Vietnam, China and Japan. So I have lots of interesting tour episodes to share with you. I am very lucky because my job does not keep me in one place. As for my previous career, I worked as an English teacher for 9 years and worked as an interpreter for 7 years for an American auto parts manufacturing company that supplied to Hyundai and Kia Motors. I still work as an English interpreter for international events whenever chances are given. I would like to have the great luck to see you walking beside me with a face full of curiosity about Korea. * Some of the Outstanding Experience as a Tour Guide & Interpreter for International events May 2018 = Interpreter and a tour guide for graduate school students of Oxford university April 2018 = Tour guide for vice-ministers of national defense of 17 different countries June 2017 = Tour guide for international congress of lawyers Feb. 2016 = Tour guide for a group of visiting IVY league professors from USA Sept. 2015 = Interpreter and a tour guide for the International Medical Exposition April 2015 = The 7th World Water Forum : Sightseeing tours for VIP guests in Busan and Kyungju April 2012 = Volunteer interpreter for Seoul International Wheelchair Marathon Competition Sept. 2010 = Interpreter and a tour guide for IAPMA Congress for 10 days (International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artist) * Other Work Experience 2012 ~ 2018 = Enthusiastic tour guide for international tourists in Korea 2004 ~ 2011 = Interpreter for a global American company named Gibbs- Diecasting that supplied its products to Hyundae and Kia Motors. 1995 ~ 2003 = English teacher * Training Programs that I completed. March 2016 - Intensive Premium Tour Guide Training program organized by Korea Tourism Organization Sept. 2015 - Premium Tour Guide Training Program Specializing in Tours for Muslims ★★★ Some comments I got from my beloved clients from all over the world. At the tend of the tour I always see my clients put their thumbs up for me which is the sign of being satisfied with my tour. ★★★ ★ Best tour guide ever. We are a group with children (15, 11 and even 1 year old baby). Jinny manage to find something interesting for every one of us. Her devotion and qualified explanation made our Seoul tour a beautiful experience. We had a profound touch of what Korean spirit means. Thank you very, very much. Highly recommended guide!!! = Written by Dana Ivan from Romania ★ Jinny Kim is a great tour guide! One of the best decisions I've made during my trip to Seoul! Not only was she prompt with our schedule and able to squeeze in EVERYTHING that we asked to see but she was also very kind, generous, and funny. She stayed with us past the time we were scheduled and made sure we got home to our original stop. She really does love spending time with people and you can tell she really enjoys being a tour guide. I definitely recommend her to be your choice in Seoul! = Written by Leilani Allen from America ★ I cannot praise Jinny enough! We booked a private tour of Seoul by van and got to see many of the highlights and also hidden gems. Her explanations and personal insights made all the difference. Her English is superb and she is just so much fun to be with! She even worked overtime to make sure we got to see everything we wanted to see and didn't even charge us the full amount she was entitled to for all her extra time We really feel like we have a friend in Seoul and hope to see her again! = Written by Carol noonan from America ★ I am happy to say that Jinny Kim was outstanding. She was prompt and had worked out several options to meet my preferred interests of Seoul. Jinny is a fun person and is so committed to ensuring she achieves her clients tour wishes. I cannot recommend her highly enough. A sincere big thank you. =Written by Ian King from England ★ In spite of her funny soul and smiley face, Jinny Is a very professional guide with the area and place she knows. She took me to many places and during that also she is looking for something new. She has many photos of the places she visited before. As for me I highly recommend her for any group like to enjoy and visit nice, historical, shopping and entertainment places, also I wish I can meet her again in my new trip. = Written by Saher Hanosh from Israel



Andrew Chung


Hi, I'm Andrew Chung, a private driving guide in Korea! I've guided travelers from all over the world for many years. I have strong passion about showing around my amazing motherland to the world. What would you like to do in Korea? Where would you like to go? Gangnam Street? Grand Palaces? Traditional houses? Or mountains and seaside? Rice wine pub? You name it. We'll be right there. I like to explore Korea's local hidden gems and I can confidently say that I know Korea's inside and out. I've been a member of a mountain climbing club, driving club (Grand-Starex Club), and a hiking club for several years. I love to discover less known places that have great food and know many places that only native Koreans go. The real 'it' places are not in the guidebook if you know what I mean! Also, I have an in-depth knowledge about the Asian philosophy which deeply influenced Korea in ancient times. So I have many interesting stories to share, that are behind certain paintings and architecture. Locations of palaces or temples were selected based on the Asian philosophy and most of paintings on the architectures are all symbolic. For example, you will be intrigued to hear what symbolic significance the number of dragon's fingers on the ceiling of a palace. I will carefully match your interest with what Korea has to offer. Also, I'll suggest most time-efficient tour schedule, but will be also flexible enough to change it to accommodate your needs in the course of the tour. I hope you have the best time in Korea and make great memories to take home with and let me make that happen for you!



Sung-Hyuk Kwon


6 years experienced freelance English walking tour guide in South Korea I am planning and leading customized, package, and incentive tours (on old/new Korea, K-pop, shopping, pretty towns, nature, B2B/B2C meetings, etc). I also guided Korean travelers in 20+ countries in Europe, Africa, Philippine, and Canada for 3 years while managing event guest itineraries & escorting in the United Nations and NGOs. Clients have truly appreciated my efficient tour routes, unique storytelling skills, and deep knowledge of local spots. They have valued me as a colorful, flexible, and pleasant guide who naturally makes fun time, handles any situations, and always maximizes clients’ satisfaction. - Propose customized tours. - Itinerary change, (price will change relatively) time schedule, and number of clients are flexible. - Give Korea travel tips.